About How My Mother Withstood A Perilous Surgery: Never Give Up Hope

I believe hope is a lifeline; without hope, humanity is driven to despair. In a like manner, Martin Luther King Jr. remarks, “Only in the darkness can you see stars.” By extension, individuals who think positively in a time of crisis will be given a second chance and the odds will be in their favor. Moreover, hope is ushered into circumstances where only the ones who believe will receive.

The day I was told my mom was going to undergo a perilous surgery, was the day I started to give in to hope. Aside from the fact, there was crystal-like snow descending from the sky, my family and I were living an accustomed day in the middle of February, but somehow I knew something was dubious.

Unfortunately, I was right.

All of a sudden, my parents called my siblings and I into the living room. “We have some bad and good news to share with you,” my mom said hesitantly. In the background, snow was covering the ground as fast as a mom veils her baby from gelid air.

“Let’s hear the bad news first!” I shouted. In any case, I would choose to hear the egregious news and then the sensational news to end a conversation on a remarkable note.

“Ok…well, your mom is going to have a double mastectomy,” my dad said with no expression.

“What’s that?” my eight-year-old sister, Maya, asked. “A double mastectomy is a surgery to prevent me from getting breast cancer. Right now I have about an 87% chance of getting breast cancer, but with the surgery, I will more than likely have a 1% chance of being diagnosed with breast cancer. Besides, your dad and I have talked this through numerous times and we think this is the right decision for our family.” my mom stated. I was inanimate as a stone. I could not move and I felt nothing inside of me. At that moment, I looked to God for help. I told Him to make my mom vigorous because I did not want to go through what my mom did at my age; sadly, my mom lost her mom when she was 10 from breast cancer.

A meager of minutes later, I processed the information in a more rectify way. I finally understood my mom was not going to die; in fact, my mom was going to survive and become a healthier individual. From then on, I was not going to give up hope because I knew God gave my mom a second chance and I wanted to honor her. My mom is like the gravity to Earth; without my mom, I would fade away, so I knew if I gave up hope I would go plummeting into darkness.

All in all, never give up hope because miracles transpire every day. All things considered, there are times in the world when hope is astray, but hope only makes mankind more robust. Therefore, commence every day with a new hope, leave vile memories behind, and retain faith and aspiration for a superior tomorrow.

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