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Veteran of Homelessness

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  • Pages 2
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    A veteran is someone who protected and kept us safe from the enemies, who tried to do something bad. Veterans also saved people’s lives and are brave people, and is determined to serve for their country, family, friends, and others. Veterans are considered brave because you need to have courage and you might die or get injured. When a veteran’s term of duty is over, he or she returns home to the United States and tries to start living an ordinary life. Veterans are people who served in the military Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast in times of war or peace. In 2013 there were 38,140 veterans who served throughout world war 2, Korean war, and Vietnam wars eras.

    The veterans training is not always transferable to the civilian workforce, placing some veterans at a disadvantage when competing for an employment. The homeless veterans sometimes sleep outside near an apartment. About like 2 million of the veterans are women and millions of living veterans served during at least one war. The estimate of the number of veterans without stable accommodation was placed at nearly 58,000 as of 2013. While the united states department of Veterans affairs has spent decades to attempting address veterans homeless, it remains unclear how effective their programs have been to date, given the number of veterans to live on the streets.

    The veterans are homeless because some of the veterans lose their arms and legs so it will be harder to find a job with missing body parts. Some veterans has hard time finding a job because if the veterans served for a long time and had a job before, it would be easy to just continue the job after you come back, but no, if you have served for a long time, you might have missed the current trends and will be considered useless since they need experienced people for the new trends coming up.

    To give the veterans donations or provide them shelter or food. You can give them a pet, so they don’t feel lonely. The pets might help them feel comfortable since maybe they have lost a family member and feel depressed. Give the veterans gifts and things to make them happy and things that are useful. To tell the veterans to cheer up and that I will be supporting them, and I would try to help them. I can also help the homeless veterans give them some money but, not too much so they can buy something they want and that are useful. We can support the veterans because in this world not only me cares about homeless veterans so the other people will probably help the veterans.

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