A Modern Modest Proposal: Homelessness 

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I am constantly walking around seeing dirty bodies just sprawled out on the ground. There has been homeless people on the streets for years upon years now and people, including me, are now beginning to wonder why these people can not just get a job. If these homeless people got jobs, it would solve the problem of homelessness. They are sitting around collecting money for what?

All they need for a job is to tidy themselves up, a nice suit, and a good first impression. They will also need a few minor things like a home address, a phone number in case of emergency, and last a way of getting to this specific job one may have. It is not that hard.

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This laziness of homeless people and them not being able to get a job is getting old. I have reached a solution to this extensive laziness. First of all, most homeless people wake up and spend their days on quests to find any piece of nutritional value or at least something of sentimental value through trash cans and dumpsters.

If they are not on these hunts they are begging for spare change on street corners or in alleys after people leave a restaurant. They are bombarding people for all this money, and many give in to it. So how are these people still Homeless?

One may say that begging for a few dollars is not going to give them a life, but I for one know it could get them a job to then make a living. I also begin to think that they should be able to afford a few decent suits or other clothing items to wear while applying and even working for this job of theirs. The only thing they have to do is just stay out a little longer and beg a bit harder and they would have money from a job in no time.

Now, you also may think maintaining these articles of clothing clean would be difficult, but it is manageable. If the homeless person can not afford a coin operated laundromat, which I am sure they could with all of the change they collect from begging, they can just find a large puddle of water in the street to wash their things in.

When it comes to their hygiene and cleanliness, that is not a problem to get those resources. Everybody throws away their left over deodorant or antiperspirant, soap, and other such toiletries to where you can take care of the bathing problem. As for the homeless person’s hair, they will not have to worry about this because resources say you should not wash your hair often. When you wash your hair everyday you strip it of its natural oils.

When this happens, your scalp starts to produce more oil and therefore making your hair become more greasy faster. With that being said, clean hair is the least of our worries for these people.

Continuing, with all of the left over money they have, they should go to one of those mailbox stores and buy themselves a mailing address or just use somebody else’s! The only thing they would have to deal with is the eating situation. They will have to find food in the dumpsters or maybe the crumbs the birds did not pick up. They most definitely can not spend any extra money on a good fast food meal or expensive healthy foods. They will have to deal with this consequence of being homeless.

Now we are dealing with the phone number. They will need this phone number in order to communicate with their colleagues and boss. You may think they could not possibly pay for a phone bill and that is correct. With that being said, they will need to either steal someone else’s phone or sleep close to a pay phone. They will need to remember or write down the number. Lastly, for housing if they still need it, they will ask their local jail if there are any open cells to stay in.

This will help to provide them with a bed and some clothes. This is only temporary since they will soon have enough money from from their work to afford a new house. If the homeless follow these guidelines, everything will go smooth. There will be no more homeless people and the unemployment rate will go down. Everybody is happy!

I for one am very scared of my safety and my future children’s safety. If this laziness keeps up, I will be scared to send my children off to the bus stop for school. These people are homeless and helpless. They are affecting children’s education because many kids who live in the city are scared to take the bus so they have trouble getting to school. A job would create motivation for these people and would keep them off of the streets.

I can not imagine how scared my child would be to walk down the street being asked, very aggressively, for money. This proposal is so important to me and many more who feel the same way. These steps to get a job are not difficult and are very achievable.

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