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If I Won the Lottery

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If I Won the Lottery

            Perhaps winning the lottery is one of the events that could be tagged as “life changing.” Aside from the fact that an individual won the “moneybags,” the idea of how to handle a large amount of money could be pretty confusing because an individual would never know what to do next. Nevertheless, if I were given the chance to hit the jackpot, there would be three things that I would do: (1) find the rightful people whom I can trust for my financial decisions, (2) turn my money into more money, and (3) leave something for my family.

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If I Won the Lottery
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Find the Rightful People Whom I Can Trust for my financial decisions

            Winning the lottery would definitely change my life in a very dramatic way, and I believe that there would be certain points where I would not be able to make the rightful decisions with the money that I won. Thus, I think that the best thing that I could do is to look for financial advisers that would help me decide and manage the money that I have.

This is an important step for me because I believe that having the rightful people to help me out would mean proper money management. With the help of a financial adviser, I could also avoid losing large sums of money from buying not so important things. Take for example those lottery winners who were not able to hire the service of such experts. The possibility of losing the fortune is high because they just do not know what to do with the money. In the end, having the idea that they have all the luxury would leave them no choice but to waste it to senseless things. Hence, unlike these people, I would like to avoid being consumed by the material things that I could buy with the fortune I won. Instead, I would like to use my money wisely in order to have a secured future.

Turn My Money Into More Money

            By seeking assistance from financial experts, I would be able to make the right investments which would enable me and my family to live comfortably for the rest of our lives. For instance, I could invest on a business venture, such as a Korean restaurant. In this way, not only would I save a large amount of my winnings, but I would also be able to make my money from my winnings grow.

Leave Something for my Family and a Legacy to Others

             Helping family members is an action that any lottery winner would take, so like any lottery winners, I would leave a certain amount that would benefit them for a long time. In addition to this, I would also help a favorite cause in order to leave a legacy and make someone else’s life better. Being able to help would surely elate my feelings and make me richer spiritually.

            Winning the lottery is not just about money and luxury. There are greater problems that one would face after hitting the jackpot. Knowing when and where to use the money would be an important task for a lottery winner. Nevertheless, with proper management and planning, the money that a person gained could be used for profitable and charitable means.

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