Violence Is The Answer: A Satire

As Bob Taylor drove through the ghetto on his regular path place, he looked to his left and saw two people with Japanese-looking symbols tattooed on their organic structures crushing the life daylight out of each other. Bob chuckled at the sight and continued drive place. When he got home, he turned on the Television and watched the intelligence.

Bob laughed hysterically when he heard the study on a moonstruck crop-dusting slugs at a school in Arkansas. Bob took out the videotape he got from Block Buster and shoved it into his VCR. Bob leaned back and smiled as he watched Tom Hanks pump lead into a German solider. Everyday people see force, accept it, and laugh at it ; force is absolutely acceptable from guns, the media, and rummies.

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Guns are tools of mass devastation that every American should have. Guns can cut down the population of overcrowded countries, make off with unwanted intruders, and supply solutions for statements. Overcrowding has ever been a job ; good thing some mastermind invented the gun! Guns are now the reply to overpopulation. Don T want to wait in a long line? Merely plough right through everyone with your semi-automatic. That s precisely what the pupils in Littleton did. They said to themselves, This school is excessively crowded with athletes and other also-rans, allow s kill them all. They did precisely that. Just expression at the consequences ; there are less athletes and geeks, and there is more meat for the cafeteria.

Guns can besides acquire rid of those leery intruders. If you see a silhouette of the enigma adult male merely yell, Get off of my belongings! and fire off with your trustworthy 14mm scattergun. And wear T concern about the constabulary ; they can t make anything about it. It is your belongings non theirs.

Finally, guns are helpful in those pointless and raging statements. Are you tired of spat and reasoning about the stupidest things with your comrades? Are your raging friends babbling about mindless things that you have strong opposite feelings for? Just draw out your PP7 handgun and hit them in the caput. This is the quickest and most effectual manner to do anyone be quiet. Guns are really utile tools for work outing mundane jobs such as overcrowding, intruders, and statements ; guns should be more accessible and less expensive.

Where would guns be without telecasting? Television is the premier beginning for Americans to see and hear about force. Thingss like violent Television shows, force in the intelligence, and violent films are the best signifiers of amusement. Shows like Southpark, Pro-wrestling, and Celebrity Deathmatch provide force in a hysterical and cagey manner for Americans. With limbs winging, caputs turn overing, blood gushing, and Kenny death, Southpark is the best beginning for amusing alive force. Almost every individual episode the character named Kenny is viciously killed. With the turn of Kenny deceasing a different manner each clip, Southpark keeps acquiring funnier and funnier.

Pro-wrestling is besides a popular genre with plentifulness of live-action force. Most people find it absolutely screaming to see two beefy work forces in spandex beat the smithereens out of each other. Pro-Wrestling has besides defined a new type of force, terrible hand-to-hand combat. Watching person fly through the air and set downing on his opposition, so throwing him into the gum elastic ropes of the ring, and close-lining him as he impotently passes by, that is pure amusement.

Following to Pro-wrestling is Celebrity Deathmatch. Celebrity Deathmatch is a witty show where 2 or more clay-figurine famous persons conflict to the decease. Watching Hanson and The Spice Girls tear each other s limbs off and seeing clay blood and Gore fly everyplace is one of the best sites anyone will of all time see.

The intelligence is the fastest ways for Americans to larn what acts of force have happened in the existent universe. With studies of shots in Arkansas, public violences in Seattle, and hate offenses in Texas, the intelligence is besides a premier amusement beginning. It is the funniest thing in the universe when 13 people die from a moonstruck with an automatic or when the SWAT squad is called in to halt a public violence or when a adult male is dragged 10 stat mis behind a pickup truck.

Finally, films provide the ultimate beginning for entertaining force. Movies like Salvaging Private Ryan, Fight Club, and The Bone Collector offer the best beginning for force. Salvaging Private Ryan was a nice, bloodstained movie about World War II. The film offered in writing force in many different assortments such as, close-ups of slugs puncturing tegument and bright ruddy blood seeping from people.

Fight Club is an entertaining film where people fight other people for a occupation and their lives. This film offered nice blood spills, hand-to-hand combat, and fast action. Finally, The Bone Collector wins the most violent award. In this film a mass liquidator is on the loose, and the lone hints he leaves are the castanetss of his victims. Violence on Television, on the intelligence, and in the films is portion of mundane life and, it should be encouraged and increased.

Besides included on Television is force from rummies. This is a really hysterical signifier of force. It is really amusive to see a adult male, who has been imbibing excessively much, crush his kids or his married woman senseless. Domestic force is really entertaining and solves a batch of jobs. First, it releases the built up emotions of rummies. Second, it makes kids and married womans stronger because of the exercising they get from acquiring beaten. Finally, it could dispose of an annoyance or unwanted household member. Domestic force the best reply to household jobs.

Violence is a portion of mundane lives, but it should be encouraged more frequently. The legalisation of laden pieces, even more in writing Television shows and films, and the remotion of domestic force Torahs would assist American to be more aggressive offensively and defensively. Killing is natural. Why can t people merely accept that? Violence should be more acceptable in tense, terrorization, or uncomfortable state of affairss.

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