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Visual Merchandising in Retail

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They would use lighting for an example for sight as it would draw customers to come into the store to view the products. Stores like Tests or SAD usually have a deli counter at the back of the store to make the customers walk through all of the isles to get to the back of the store so they would have to look at all the other products on their way to the back of the store. -grid layout;-They would use this technique because this structure offers less, encourages customers to search for items on their own, and will make them have o walk past all the other products, so their more likely to pick something else up on their way around the store.

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Visual Merchandising in Retail
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Lighting: – they use lighting as one of their techniques as it attracts customers to the product that is being lit. It also attracts customers as it draws them as the product and makes it looks more expensive.

They use this technique on costume jewelry because it will draw the customer to it. They will also use lighting on the window displays as it draws the customer to look at the items, can also use another technique which is grouping products. They do this because hey will make a whole outfit which will make the customer want to buy the whole outfit as they will be able to see what it all looks like together. Product placement: – They use this as one of their techniques by placing complimentary items together or essential items together. For placing complimentary items together they will put things like strawberries and cream together. Another technique Tests would use is placing cheaper items on the bottom shelves, and places the more expensive at eye level, they do this because people tend to not want to bend down and pick up the cheaper items. Another reason hey do this is because if it is at eye level it would be the first thing they see. Another technique they use is impulse.

They use this technique by putting things like chocolate and chewing gums and sweets at tills and at the end of isle near the tills. They do this so when the customers are queuing at the tills they will see them and will often pick them up even though they are not initially coming in the store to specifically to buy that product. Pop up displays also encourage customers to buy items. They are usually placed at the end of isles, so when people walk past they may see things that they may ant. They are usually priced cheap so people will not think about it when they pick it up.

Planeload- Product placement and improved sales are two reasons a retailer would use planarians in their shops. Planarians provide many positive benefits, such as: Selling potential to every square foot of space Satisfying customers with a better visual appeal Tighter inventory control and reduction of out-of-stocks Easier product replenishment for staff Better related product positioning Effective communication tool for staff-produced displays Themes:-they will use themes to showcase their merchandise and to help attract potential customers.

Different stores will use different themes depending on what they sell, and what time of year it is. Different types of stores will also be restricted on space. It will also depend on what type of store it is. For example, a Tests express would not use this technique whereas a Tests extra would use this technique. Display bins:-Tests use this as one of their techniques with products such as socks. This technique influences customers to buy the products as they are usually by the tills and are sometimes on special offer. Sales and discounts: – Tests uses this technique because it will influence more people buy the product as it is cheaper.

This is very appealing for the customer as it provides a quick route for those who are shopping for bargains. This also keeps the customers looking at different parts of the store as this link leads to the display of many of their products. Sales and discounts can encourage so- called “trial and repeat” purchases. Retailers can use special offers such as buy- one-get-one offers. Coupons are another way to encourage purchases by offering accounts on products. Free gifts with purchase also encourage customers to purchase products and increase sales.

Sales whether advertised in the store, online, in newspapers or via some other medium will help get customers into the store. Retailers can place sales signs in window displays as an incentive for customers to shop. Store two-Volkswagen car dealer One of the merchandising techniques Volkswagen use is lighting, they use this as one of their techniques to make certain cars look more appealing to the customers, and to also make the car look of a higher quality. Another reason they SE lighting in the showroom is to make the car stand out more, and make the customers want to go out and look at the car.

Another technique Volkswagen uses is to have just one model of each car in the showroom. They do this because there is no need to have more than one as they will only need to sell one car to make enough money. They will also only have the more supreme models in the showroom with all of the features on them so they can up-sell, as customers will want to buy the car with all the features included. They also use only the top of the range models because they are more expensive ND most people won’t be able to afford the car, so by doing this they will then offer another model with less features so that it is more affordable for the customer.

Another technique they will use is the building will be neutral colors; they do this so the customers will not focus on the actual showroom, but will focus more on the cars that is in the showroom. This is a technique because it the customers will only be able to see what is in the showroom. They also do this to gain the customers trust. Volkswagen will also have televisions and sofas in the showroom to make the customers feel more at home. They do this to make the customer more relaxed. Store three-local store As this is a small store, they use the same kind of techniques as they would use in a store such as Tests, just on a smaller scale.

One of the merchandising techniques the spar store uses are signage. They use this method my placing things like sale signs around the store. Another technique they use is they put impulse buys buy the tills. They do this to persuade people to pick up things as they are queuing. Another technique they use is they place products such as sweets and chocolate together, so when you re going around the store and you see sweets you will pick them up and you may pick up the chocolate as well as an impulse buy.

Another technique the Spar will use is they tend to have offers on a certain product, and then will change it after a couple of days. They do this so when people come in to look at the offers and see they have changed, they may still go in to get what they wanted, but they may also pick up the item that is on offer as an impulse. A small store like the Spar will use a grid layout. They do this so you have to walk through all of the isles to get to what they are looking for. When people go through the aisles, they usually pick up other items before they get to what they are looking for.

Another technique they use is they will put things that are cheaper on the end of aisles so people will think that they are making a saving by picking them up. They will also use offers such as buy one get on free, or buy a certain item and get a discount on a different item. They do this as people tend to not go into a smaller store to do a weekly shop, they do this so people will pick up more items appose to just going in for what they originally went in for. Or they will go in and arches two of the same items as they were going to get when they came into the store.

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