Psychology and Visual Merchandising to Influence Customers

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This assignment examines how psychology is utilized in visual merchandising and display techniques by retail outlets to drive customer purchases. The text compares three different retail businesses based on their utilization of space and psychology to influence customer buying behavior. Visual merchandising plays a critical role in establishing a brand image, which impacts consumer perceptions and opinions about a brand. Apple’s global success demonstrates that a strong brand image can result in high sales figures without extensive advertising campaigns. Apple primarily focuses its advertising efforts on new product releases, relying on its positive brand reputation and word-of-mouth marketing. It is important to note that purchasing a brand image is impossible; it originates from people’s perceptions and experiences with the brand. Consistently delivering quality products and generating positive customer sentiment help reinforce a brand’s image, leading to increased popularity and sales success.

Various elements of the brand such as advertising, packaging, promotions, customer service, and word of mouth contribute to showcasing the best representation of the brand while reinforcing its strong image. A logo or colors that instantly trigger recognition signify a positive brand image, exemplified by McDonald’s where the colors red and yellow immediately bring to mind the fast food chain.

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