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Web in Business – Internet Industry

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A website is a group of related web pages that use one web domain for its functioning. A web is easily accessible through a local area network or the internet through an internet address. In the 20th century, the internet is attracting businesses in large numbers. Most businesses are using it for the following purposes.

Advertising, marketing and publicity- the low cost in web advertising has made it popular as an ideal medium for business. The web is easily and widely accessible to millions of people all over the globe who gain instant access to the information.

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Web in Business – Internet Industry
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Direct on-line selling- courtesy of  the web it  is now possible to visit shopping sites online through catalogues and one is able to examine various products in full details.

Research and development- most companies especially those involved in research and development can use the web as a source of information for their research and can get views, advice and ideas on how to solve their problems.

Communication –most businesses use e-mail messages to convey information to either their clients or collaborates.

Collaboration –a business can form links to make communication easy by use of the web. Use of links is a cheap and reliable form of communication. (Shi Murthy 2003).

There are various business websites available like; the insiderpages.com, MerchantCircle.com, JudysBook.com, AngiesList.com, TripAdvisor.com, OpenTable.com, BBB.org, among others (Williams. 2007).

The use of web in business also has challenges like security and payment, which is viewed as a long-term problem with its association with legal and social problems. With it growing number of users, web business is becoming so popular among businesses.


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