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Importance of Internet for Business Communication

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-The enthusiastic embrace of the Internet by the worlds people is changing the way they handle personal and business relationships, define their lifestyle and learn about the rest of the world. With the Internet and modern technology today there is no limit as to what people are able to do. A majority of todays people (especially youth) would have to live very differently without the Internet as they use it in almost every aspect of their lives. It is now the basis of peoples lives and without it; the world would be a different place.

There is a down side to the Internet. People do not get out as much, instead of doing things like exercising, getting out doors and being with friends and family, they stay inside and surf the Internet. However with all the upsides of the Internet and technology these can be ruled out, but should not be forgotten altogether.

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Importance of Internet for Business Communication
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Using the Internet, we now can communicate differently, that is through the use of e-mail and online chat.

No longer do we have to wait for days for a letter to reach its destination, but via e-mail it can take a number of seconds only. Information can be conveyed from one place to another much quicker. Online chat is a way people meet others, and catch up with friends without leaving the house. They can enter chat rooms from various sites over the net and talk/chat to people.

Business relation ships are different as well. Deals can be made quicker online and do not have to be in person. Arranging meetings can be done online. Often a large part of a businesses work is done via or over the Internet especially if the company has its own web site set up.

There is a huge amount of advertising also on-line. Because so many people use the net, advertisements are put in the Internet. There is a wide scope of users, so all of these adverts would be seen. Most advertisements are not plain pictures and text, but with a link to the businesses web site, (people only have to click on the icon.) Online advertising, in some ways, would be more effective that television, in that they can go directly to a companys site when they see the advertisement, if there is an online store people can buy right away.

A business can display its products or services on the Internet, and sell it this way. That is by online shopping. People are able to establish online storefronts, where customers can buy products, or book services. Shopping can be sent direct to the house of the customer. Also for example, booking a hotel room, these sorts of things no longer need to be done by telephone or in person. The Internet is a huge source of information for any body, be it a family, students, personal or a business. Any information that a person might need can be found online, information ranging from movie screenings to share prices, anything. In some ways the Internet can also be a substitute for the TV. Any news that is available can be accessed via the net; this is including the weather, sport and celebrity gossip.

Job searching is also another thing that can be done on the Internet. Programs are set up where vacant jobs can be posted (as in a newspaper,) users can apply for jobs online. Job seekers can place an online resume that future employers can view while looking for a person to fill a vacancy.

In conclusion it can be said that the Internet has changed the way we live. People can now handle business and personal relation ships differently and easier. A lot of things can now be done on-line, things like shopping, e-mailing and looking for the weather forecast. With technology there is no limit as to what people are able to do.

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