Pre-certification and Lifelong Learning

Fraud can be easier to commit than to detect or prevent. SPAS have a responsibility to ensure data is managed properly and protected from malfeasance. Evolve the educational framework to keep pace with the changing dynamics of business, government and our profession. Spas must get involved with current affairs to staying current with regulations and standards and social, economic, technological and political trends domestically and abroad. As well as develop interpersonal skills to enhance relationships with colleagues, clients, businesses and employers.

Real-time learning and current tutorials in the workplace will change the way Spas learn and will help them adopt and adapt quickly and knowledgeably to ever-changing circumstances. New Spas must remain rigorous and demanding and be practical and relevant. New Spas must have a broad knowledge of business and soft skills and not simply focus on technical accounting.

Position the CPA as a preeminent designation of the accounting and finance profession throughout the world. Spas must be increasingly aware of international business issues and trends. Staying current with global accounting enhances the quality of professionalism in which the CPA operates. By assessing the trends toward outsourcing overseas and create opportunities to expand services to serve these markets. Spas must continue to market the quality and value of their services in order to expand and thrive globally. This also broadens the Spas horizon in the global networking.

Continue to offer opportunities that enhance the appeal of the profession and be reactive in addressing both US and global demographic shifts. The profession must strive to reflect the demographic shifts of incoming accounting students, clients, business and society. Programs offered to support minorities; women and young Spas in the workplace must be more widely implemented throughout the profession. Experienced and older Spas must continue to mentor young Spas and identify leadership and advancement opportunities that will foster stronger relationships and loyalty. In order to attract and retain younger enervation, employers must increase flexible work arrangements and work-at- home options.

 I also think accounting has evolved in technology in actual preparations of financial reports and how they are processed. Agree that Pre-certification and Lifelong Learning is essential to Spas taming current and in real time with their clients and the world.

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