What Are Advantages and Disadvantages of Consumerism?

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The article discusses the importance of considering human elements in business, such as efforts towards employees and consumers. It highlights the significance of consumption culture and its advantages and social evils. The success of a company lies in its ability to create consumer demand by understanding their needs and developing products accordingly. Apple’s iPhone is an example of a successful product that was created based on consumer demand. A good company provides a clear framework for consumers’ needs and develops products based on preliminary consumer ideas and demands. Investigation and discussions with consumers and internal technology or product development consultants can help in shaping future product plans.

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Consumption is one more humanized business, companies and enterprises with consideration of important ‘people elements’ efforts employees consumers. However, spending can have other significance, and represents the consumption culture and prominent advantages and a materialistic social evils, and emphasizes the importance of global business environment.The company must keep their happiness and consumers’ development and sales of consumer demand based on the new product.

Consumer’s needs and the needs of the enterprises however seems to be round for the company to create the consumers and the demand of consumer is also planning to enterprise show that they need an interdependent relationship. When I said, the company create consumption demand, we can consider the example of the apple iPhone.Apple has successfully created consumers need products, will have a successful integration in the mobile phone and iPod. Of course apple also did some preliminary investigation to find out consumer demand or demand, and then finally to expand and focus on these consumers need to come up with new products, including the iPhone.

A good company is a can provide consumers need initial fuzzy reality and clear framework.Consumer demand not clear or preliminary clear, because consumer often have some things they want, but not too care about, what they really want to determine the idea. Therefore, through the investigation and with consumers and internal technology or product development consultant of discussion, the company can development based on these preliminary consumption idea and consumer demand and provide fuzzy shape, their future product plans.

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