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Effects of Consumerism Essay

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The term consumerism refer to anything connected with the predominant ideas in our modern society that in order to happier, better, and more successful people we have to more stuff. Consumerism has replaced God in life of people (society) instead of inspiring for love and peace, we wish for products which has resulted to the pollution of the environment and the very nature of humanity. In addition to this meaning, Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, 6th Edition, defines consumerism us the buying and using of goods and services; the belief that it is good for society to buy and use a large quantity of goods and service.

It is based on capitalism, people are not looking for the communality but benefit based on their own interest. Our contemporary society are described as a consumer society in so far as identity and status are acquire and social inclusion/integration is considered to be achieved through participation in consumer activity.

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Effects of Consumerism
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The capitalist society with which Karl Marx was pre occupied is regarded as a work based society, a society that engage in their capacity as a consumers where by job, work, and career is considered to be the identity, respect and satisfaction.

. Also life style of individual, consumption and shopping are more valuable. Newspaper, television, radios are not conveying their role, they keep advertising about marketing the things like clothes, phones, computer, and other things.

Consumerism as a form of life for our contemporary world is determined by the market. As we can see most developed countries like United State of America, Britain, China, France and other has made Africa to be their market for everything they produce. Their Extension and raising of consumer choice is now regarded as a self-manifestation of freedom for them. They are concerned with in advertising, marketing and branding. Self-identity and happiness has been be archived through the consumption of things by those counties of lower economy, whereby they have seen to be superior than the other such a way that whatever they do is alright good, the undeveloped countries do not have power to question them.

Politics, film stars, family and peers, advertisement, leisure, football, no time for sitting at home within the family people are busy with their phones dating for business are the form of life which is occupying our contemporary society. Effects of consumerism is that it has caused an alienation of a person from the family and attaches to the material thing such a way that a succession of wanting more possessions, state of constant dissatisfaction and manipulation is highly considered in the life of an individual. Also it does not meet our needs because it restrict our choices and lives and affects our world views and character by making it unsustainable. It is unpleasant in a way that views is based on responding to someone need. Consumerism stress on higher production because they are looking for the market for consumption of the product, it does not care how much effect will be there for the environment as far as concern with pollution.

Solution for consumerism is to exercise intellectual independence.by reasoning to the things which are being advertised and not to accept everything which most developed countries bring to us such a way that our countries are seen as a dumpiest place for everything. We should ignore unwanted materials, advertisements, messages and other related things which come to us and be aware how they can affect us.

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