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What are stakeholders?

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What are stakeholders? : Any person or group of people that can affect or are affected by a business. They can be internal or external and can sometimes have a conflict of interest (want different things).Internal Stakeholders: People or groups within a business. Examples of this are the employees of the store.
External Stakeholder: People or groups outside a business. Examples of this are the customers who shop there.Stakeholders within business
Six stakeholders for Tesco
Customers-The customers expect high-quality, value-for-money products.

They expect a high quality customer service so that they are treated correctly and are assisted when they need help. They want a smooth (by this I mean they will have no disturbances when they are shopping and they will be into the store and quickly leave the store after doing their shopping) shopping experience so they can have no problems while they are buying products.

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What are stakeholders?
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They want to be seeing the business making improvements where they can get more value for their money when they are buying products. . They want this because they want to save as much money as possible but still get high quality items. They get this by trying to find products that have the best value. This lets Tesco to see what the customers want the most by looking at what is selling and what isn’t and also how much of the products are selling. Tesco is affected by this in a positive way because it lets them to see what the customers need. This means that they know what to sell more of and what to advertise more. This affects Tesco aims and objectives by making them closer to their goals as they continue to be offering the customer the types of products they demand. This can get them closer to their aims and objectives of making better quality products and a better price.
Employees- Tesco provides their employees with a livelihood. They try to get security of employment, promotional opportunities and good rates of reward. The employees…

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