What Citizenship Means to Me

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“You are a citizen. and citizenship carries responsibilities” . a simple yet striking statement from Paul Coltier. Citizenship depicts the rights of a individual to belong in a certain state. therefore this call for a responsible life. But as immature citizens in this state. how far do we cognize the significance of the said term? As one of the young persons of twenty-first century. I am entitled to asseverate my citizenship and considered as a lawful Filipino. In add-on. the said term is said to be the footing of my individuality and distinguished me from all other people in the different parts of the universe. This rubric besides gives me the privileged to encompass my benefits in any signifier of services in the authorities. Citizenship for me is an built-in demand for every individual in the province. It is like a passport within the state. wherein for us to be able to encompass our rights we must be foremost considered as legitimate citizens of this state.

Possibly non all of the childs know about this. but based on my readings. Citizenship gives us the rights to oppugn the manner people in the authorities run the state. This besides encompasses our rights to talk and to show sentiment in any signifiers. Hence. these rights should non be abused and should be taken responsibly. There’s a call for a painstaking life for every citizens in this state in order to utilize the benefits sagely and fruitfully. Consequently. citizenship embarks in everyone’s bosom. Many people knew this word. yet merely a few knew the existing significance of this. As we come to cognize the significance of this I hope it will non merely reflect in our cognitive sphere but besides in our psychomotor abilities. Wordss without actions are useless! Be a responsible citizen!

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