What drug trafficking really is

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Although there’s drug trafficking along the border It will take a lot for it to be stopped. What drug trafficking really is, is a modern day slavery, where people are forced or killed to work or provide the product , like a maid or prostitute. Often these people are transported also known as ‘’trafficked’’ to another location..

The trafficking people may receive only what’s necessary to live such as food, water, shelter while the money is earned by their work goes to the main people who control them.Human trafficking is a serious felony, and many countries around the world are working together to reduce it such as the law.

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Higher paying jobs should be allocated to those along the border patrolling. Since, 2009 the so called heron seizure along the border have gone up alot located at the Southwest. Meth users have been the highest rating, along with cocaine and marijuana has been the highest of them all. Millions of guards seized by the US. border patrol. Drug smuggling nowadays is like a balloon. ‘’If you let all the air out it goes back another side and blows the other’’ said an agent in the border patrol in San Diego.There are more than 430 containers of drugs moving around the world. Especially by sea every year there is 90% of the worlds goods just going around. A lot carry different things such as weapons, licit goods , drugs even human are being around like that. It is a process that is going to keep going and most likely through the years going to rise up. Optimum trading in the United States has been a big thing, around the mid 1800’s many aliens that came to California where giving people the need to smoke. After the immigrants did all that to the people in the United States the trade and all the selling around the region spread too quick. There were opium dens and those were meant to transport for different locations to purchase the drug and ‘’slang it’. It started in California and soon spread quick to New york . There was the MAFIA and they were the ones controlling a lot of the drug smuggling. They soon got caught. Because of drug trafficking a lot has its blame for it. For example a lot of war, threat and violence. People don’t differentiate between drug organization crime. People with guns which about two thirds of drug traffickers have. Even kidnapping is involved with them and them stealing cars. While trafficking trails changed over time, in the last few years narco submarines and other bins leaving south Colombia and north Ecuador they have been with drug cargos and often headed out in the Pacific ocean mostly near the Galapagos Islands, before turning a different direction . There are underwater sensors near. Drug flows have gone up quick . Traffickers focus more on their money and the trade. They have gone up higher and higher throughout the years it has been a big thing in the U.S and other countries surrounding it. Drug trafficking laws reject the selling, transportation, and illegal imported etc. like cocaine, heroin, marijuana, meth, and other illegal substances. Punishment for drug trafficking for someone can depend on the amount of drug the transporter had even the type of drug the person had and whether children were part of it. Sentences for drug trafficking can go from a range from 3-5 years to life in prison.

Drug trafficking is a felony and is a more serious than drug possession which means to have the drug and in usage. If you are found with the drug on you, you can be charged with drug trafficking if the police think you intend to sell them it really does depend on the police. If they catch you with a large amount of drugs or cash at the time , it is most likely you will be facing a case of drug trafficking. Drug trafficking also has other illegal prescription drugs, such as painkillers or sleeping pills which are most likely to be considered norcos. The illegal of prescription drugs often called hydrocodone products and pharmaceutical opiates.

Drug trafficking has brought many families down. There is always a good and a bad to everything considering trafficking it helps people stay alive. It is considered a lifestyle and human do live up for it. It pays bills , helps your family out with a lot. Drug trafficking goes up each year and families are a part of it. They bring their kids to it which makes the population of drug trafficking to go up higher. A person being trafficked may have unusual injuries or an illness that can’t be explained. There are a lot of signs of a human drug trafficker They may not be able to talk to someone without a wing man being there. so the trafficked person can’t speak openly and honestly about what’s happening to them. They move homes a lot, someone else keeps their identification cards, passport, visas, etc.

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