Trafficking In Women And Childern In Nepal

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Trafficking of women and children is growing as a human equality problem throughout the world. Asia is considered as a crucial area for trafficking of women and children among the world. The paper specifically analyze the problem of trafficking in Nepal as Nepal is a place were the percentage of trafficking seems to be higher than any other country in the world.

The paper focus on the presenting problem of trafficking in Nepal. The research is undertaken in qualitative manner and all the information are obtained from the secondary sources like journal articles, research papers, books, news paper article, web sites etc.The obtained would be interpreted with the proposed aim of the project. 1) Introduction Increased notice is being provided to the women and children throughout the world who have been pushed into the circle of traffickers.

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UN and other organizations throughout the world are now concentrating seriously into this problem. Among those nations which are suffering with trafficking problem Nepal is one among them. In Kingdom of Nepal, Child trafficking and trafficking of women is considered as Human Right Violation; however discrimination and trouble against women and girl children exist in Nepal.According to a survey performed by NGO’s and Government Department nearly 8000 (expected to be more) Nepalese girls and children are trafficked to India every year, largely for prostitution and as laborers, and that 20,000 Nepalese women, generally who are in the age group of twelve and twenty two, work in brothels, hotels etc.

In addition, Nepalese women laborers are frequently transferred through lopsided channels to other countries as cheap laborers by their employers thereby violating the human equality rights. The significant reason behind such illegal act is poverty and conflict–induced dislodgment in Nepal.The communist who have control over the country has transferred nearly 2. 5 million Nepalese to work overseas.

This increased number in people working abroad has motivated the traffickers to utilize the situation. Thus, the situation in Nepal serves as an opportunity to conduct an in-depth analysis in the topic with the availability of varied resources. 2) Statement of the Problem In past twenty years several seminars, research and workshops are performed in identifying the exact reasons behind the problem of trafficking in Nepal and have not come out with the adequate data’s.The reasons behind how the girls are trafficked, where they go and who is responsible for this entire problem are not yet clearly identified.

From the survey performed by Human rights Organisation in October 2000, “It is identified that nearly more than a million women and children are employed in the Indian brothels. Increase in the practice of trafficking in women and children across international borders have raised the number of victims. A huge percentage of women and girls from Nepal are working in Indian brothels.However, NGO’s reports state that there is nearly 1, 00,000 women and children of Nepal are trafficked to the brothels in Bombay, which is half of Mumbai’s population.

Among them one quarter of the brothel population in Bombay is girls who are in the age group between 16 and 18, in addition more than sixty percent of the population are infected with HIV. ” The Human rights Organisation has also reported that, “sufferers of trafficking in India are treated as slave’s and are also subjected to physical maltreatment.Also these victims are raped and subjected to severe torments, beatings, sent to jail and opened to the crucial elements like AIDS. ” Another study has stated that almost all the victims are from remote areas and from poor communities of the country.

These victims are generally abducted by the local recruiters and by their own relatives for cheaper price. However, most of the victims are unaware of the price they were sold for and also about the income they have earned to the brokers from prostitution.The girls who are trafficked are taken as virgins to India or other countries and while returning to Nepal the turn back with AIDS. Though studies were performed in this area, as mentioned earlier only very few of them have been performed to identify the exact reasons behind trafficking in Nepal.

However, there is no recent research performed in this area. Many studies which have focused on trafficking have surveyed only the trafficked people and their experience and hardly traffickers were concentrated.However, there are no latest studies are carried out to identify the grounds behind the high flow of trafficking of women and children in Nepal. This study will focus on all the areas which are in lapse.

3) Aim of the Study The purpose of the study is to identify the grounds behind the high flow of trafficking of women and children in Nepal. The study focuses on the overall picture of this widespread, complex and growing problem of trafficking in the country. The study also aims to focus on the legal procedures undertaken by the government to control the trafficking in the country and why they are often violated. ) Justification for the Study Data’s from the secondary sources like past empirical studies conducted on the subject, from the published books, articles, journals and newspapers on the subject has proved that there is increased escalation of trafficking of women and children in Nepal.

Once analyzed, this data may assist us to infer about the percentage of trafficking in the country and would helps us identify the reason behind the same. This would possibly allow us to come out with solutions to control trafficking in the country.This critical situation in Nepal has motivated the researcher to work on this area for further research. 5) Research Method The research is focused to obtain data from secondary sources like journal articles, research papers, books, news paper article, web sites etc.

The obtained would be interpreted with the proposed aim of the project. 6) Chapter Outline The further chapter will include literature review (this will be incorporated in chapter two) and focus on the aim of the study. (i. e.

the rest of the paper will focus on research questions)The literature review would be undertaken as a preliminary step to establish current and past research on the presented topic trafficking of women and children in Nepal. The review will establish the empirical studies relating to the topic. The review of the literature will attempt to identify the lapse in the previous study and try to incorporate the same in the area of research. 6.

2) Chapter Three 6. 2. 1) Reasons Behind Trafficking This part of the paper would focus on the various reasons which seem to be the main causes of trafficking of women and children in Nepal.The topic focuses on the reasons separately in a brief manner.

6. 2. 3) Degree of Trafficking of women and children in Nepal. This part analyses different studies to identify the actual number of people are been trafficked from Nepal.

6. 2. 4) History behind Trafficking The topic will present the actual history behind trafficking. It will speak about how trafficking started and who were the initiators and how it started growing.

6. 2. 5) Different aspects of trafficking As trafficking is described in two different models such as soft trafficking and hard trafficking this part would explain this in detail. 6.

3) Chapter FourThis chapter would focus on the people involved in trafficking. The chapter would analyze in detail about the victims, traffickers, clients and the whole process of trafficking. 6. 4) Chapter Five In this chapter rehabilitation approaches for the victims who are saved and got back to Nepal would be discussed.

Government and NOG’s involvement in this process is also discussed in detail. 6. 5) Chapter Six The chapter would discuss the awareness level about trafficking among the general public also discuss about the involvement of the media, government, human rights commission in spreading the awareness among the public.The chapter furthermore discuss about the law in Nepal and its contribution towards the eradication of trafficking.

6. 6) Chapter Seven The chapter concludes with possible recommendation for eradication of trafficking in Nepal. 7) Conclusion The proposed research would attempt to cover all the areas related to the problem statement ‘Trafficking of women and children in Nepal’. By the end of the research the report would provide a wide knowledge about the current situation of trafficking in Nepal.

The study will attempt to provide all the latest information in the research area to the readers.

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