What experiences in your life have defined your present?

?My life has been full of struggles. There have been a lot of good times in my life. I have made decisions I have regret and choices I have not regretted. In life we need to set goals, have good friends, and love your family. I am thankful for everything that has happened to me in my life. My name is Jacqueline Josie Fung Chen Pen. I am 33years old. I was born May 25, 1980 at LBJ, Faga’alu American Samoa. I am married with three amazing kids Victoria, Victor and Victorie. First I will talk about my siblings and parents. I have two sisters Juliet and Jennifer.

Juliet is the second child; a single mother with three gorgeous girls Lornalisa, Jessaire and Emma. Jennifer is the second to the youngest she has two handsome boys John Johnathan (JJ) and Sparrow. I have two brothers John and Johnathan. John is the eldest of us all with three good-looking boys Nikolao, Natano and Mataio. Last but not the least my younger brother Johnathan, he is married and is now expecting a child. My parent’s names are Joel and Emma. They are good parents to us and so as their grandchildren. I am glad I have such a large family. I know whatever happens someone will be there for me.

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Even know we do things to make each other miserable but, we all love each other. I also have some key moments. The biggest key moment in my life was when I was sent to boarding school. When I was ten – thirteen years old, my parents send me and my sister to our church school in Tonga. Staying in Tonga for two years was a life experience and a key moment of life that I will never forget. However, adopting the life, language and culture was pretty hard for me. Eventually, it gives me an idea now of how to stand with my own feet. ?Setting our goals is important to our lives.

I have not set my mind with my major yet, but my goal is to graduate college with an AA degree in liberal arts; to help out with my family financially and educationally. Having a family is not an easy task when you don’t texture your education. As long as I completed the first phase of education then I am set for the next phase of my education. Which I will be starting my BA degree in -liberal arts on September at the Argosy University. ?Having good friends is a goal of mine. Even know it is unlikely because of the different things that people do, keeping in touch with friends is important.

We may sometime in life see that our friends are the bad influence to our lives ‘oops! ’ but no it is myself is the key to my decision making. Having good friends is important to me because it is nice having good friends that you can rely on in good times and in bad times. There is a saying ‘That’s what friends are for’. ?Loving our family is the major important part of our lives. Of all the past life experience that I have come through, like getting married young, not finishing college and raising a family, my family is my number one support. Where ever we go in life our family is the key support to whatever we do.

Spending two years in Tonga and half a year in New Zealand was very challenging for me. But with the help and support of my family here and aboard I would have made it up till now. As I have mentioned earlier, in a few more months I will be completing the first phase of my education. This will not be happening without the support and love from my family. ?In conclusion, my life is the main project for me this year. To fulfill my dream I will focus on my goals in life, maintain my good relationship with my friends and keep on loving my family for which they are the number one people in life.

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