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What is Greatness?

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What is greatness, greatness is decided by the people who elevates the status of the man in a particular field. Sometimes status is elevated by contemporaries and in some cases by the people after his death. It is seen that some people are harshly criticized the work but later after many years it gets accepted and status is elevated after many decades passed.

Firstly, the ‘Theory of Evolution’ put forward by Charles Darwin states that human evolution is from Apes, it was harshly criticized by the contemporaries but later it was seen that, the theory was correct and status is elevated by the people after many decades passed. Another example is scientists like Copernicus, Galileo Palilie, Kepler put forward theory that Earth is not static and Sun is not revolving around Earth instead, Earth is rotating around Sun. It was highly criticized by the church and contemporaries at that time. Galileo even faced blasphemy from pope but later it was seen that those were great discoveries and names of these scientists highly eulogized.

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What is Greatness?
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Secondly, writers like Shakespeare, Mark Twain was highly appreciated by the contemporaries by giving regular ratings. Their work was appreciated by both contemporaries and later. Artist like Leonardo Da Vinci was got elevated by people living at the same time to until today their artistic works are very famous and benchmarks for todays artists. Thirdly, in some cases work is better judged by contemporaries because they are aware of circumstances in which these work are performed by individuals for example, Though history books has all information about freedom fighters but still contemporary people are better position to appreciate the work because the are aware of what hindrances, restrictions at that time in which these freedom fighter struggled to free homeland. In all, it can be seen that status of people elevated by contemporaries and in some cases by later people.

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