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INTRODUCTION An organization is a system where a set of individuals who are operating in several subdivisions of the system and everyone is working for a one specific goal. Organization behaviour describes the actions and reactions of individual dyads, groups of employees who interact with each other in the course of their working day. This report was commissioned to analyze the structure and the culture of the two airlines and the comparison and contrasting the structure of the two organizations, Sri Lankan Airlines and Mihin Lanka Airline.

Next how the structure helps the culture of each organization is being clearly discussed in this report. And the different factors that will affect the individual behavior of the employee at work. Secondly the leadership styles used by the two companies and the effectiveness of the leadership styles that they have been used. How the two airlines practiced the scientific approach of management is being explained at next. And the different management approaches are being evaluated to the two airlines are also being discussed in this report.

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Finally it is discussed about the nature of formal group and what kind of a formal group and the factors that would lead to effective and ineffective group work to the two airlines. And it has also evaluated the impact of modern technology on team function in the company. 2. 0 The logo of Sri Lankan airline and Mihin Lanka airline. 3. 0 Organization Structure. 3. 1 Organization Structure of Sri Lankan Airline. 3. 1. 1 Work specialization. Work specialization is a key element in the organization structure. This is where the organization tasks are subdivided into different jobs.

It allows the manager to take major tasks and brake them down into small tasks that a one individual worker can complete. Each individual is trained on the specific task that they are in charge on. The employee becomes more professional after doing this task for a long period. Work can be completed faster and more efficiently, quality cost control cost are lowered. 3. 1. 2 Departmentalization. Departmentalization is also can be called as division of labour. This is the process of grouping activities into different departments by the organization.

After classifying the jobs through work specialization the next step will be to group those jobs under different departments based on tasks. All he common tasks will be goes under one department. Sri Lankan Airline’s work has been departmentalized based on functional departmentalization. 3. 1. 3 Chain of command. Level of authority and the reporting order can be determine as a chain of command. It also influence the communication between employees in an organization. Here the employee will get command only from one superior.

The unity of command in the chain of command is, each subordinates reports to one and only one reporter. It will help to control a good relationship between the superior and the subordinates, can manage good discipline, better coordination and team work 3. 1. 4 Span of Control. Sri Lankan airline’s span of control is narrow where the number of levels in the organization is more than 2. The number of subordinates that a manager has to control is low so it will be easy to do the business activities in an effective manner. 3. 1. Centralization and Decentralization. Centralized decision making is being used by Sri Lankan airline. Here all the decisions will be taken by the top level and they don’t take the ideas from the lower level employees of the organization when making decisions. Centralization can be done in a position or at a level in the organization. 3. 1. 6 Formalization. Jobs in Sri Lankan airlines are standardized and the employee behavior is also being guide by rules and regulations of the company. Sri Lankan airline is a formalized organization.

Their employees behavior is at a really good level and the entire employee are well qualified and fully skilled on the specific task that they are responsible o. 3. 2 Organization Structure of Mihin Lanka Airline. 3. 2. 1 Work specialization. Work specialization is also called as division of labour. It is where the organization tasks are being divided under separate jobs or tasks that individual workers can complete. Due to work specialization employee become more professional and effective when performing the task when they are doing the same set of work again and again, less cost in quality control, . 2. 2 Departmentalization. Mihin Lanka is using the most popular departmentalization to group the jobs into meaningful and logical clusters. Organization group the jobs based on the functions that the jobs are performed. Here they grouped their employees based on their qualifications. 3. 2. 3 Chain of command. Report structure and authority level can be considered as a chain of command in an organization. It is also the result of the belief someone in the organization must 2ultimately responsible for every decision. Unity of ommand in the chain of command is where the each person in the organization must have a clear reporting relationship to one and only one boss. 3. 2. 4 Span of control. This is where the number of people directly controlled by one person. Narrow span of control is being used by Mihin Lanka airline. The manager only has to take care of few members work. It is really easy for the managers and the employees to work. 3. 2. 5 Centralization. Centralized decision making is being used in the upper level of Mihin Lankan airline. The key decisions will be made by the top level of the organization with the input of lower level employees.

Lower level employees can’t carry out any type of business activity without the approval of the upper level managers in the organization 3. 2. 6 Formalization. Formalization is standardization of jobs and rules and regulations followed by the employees. In Mihin Lanka they are not having and exact standardization of jobs and exact set of rules that are being followed by the organization. 4. 0 Comparison and contrasting the structure of Sri Lankan Airline and Mihin Lanka Airline. Table 4. 1 Comparison and contrasting the structure of the two companies. 5. 0 Organization Culture. . 1 Organization culture of Sri Lankan Airline. * Innovation and risk taking is really high in Sri Lankan airlines, as they go for various methods to improve the facilities in their service. Employees in Sri Lankan airlines are always encouraged to innovation and risk taking. * Employees in Sri Lankan airlines are always expected to exhibit analysis, precisions and attention to details. They always try to get the feedback of their customers and they get the information from their employees to improve their service so the attention on details is really important for them. Rather than focusing on techniques and processes used to achieve the outcome, the managers mainly focus on the result or output they get. Sri Lanka airlines always think about their output. 5. 2 Organization culture of Mihin Lanka Airline. * Innovation and risk taking is at a middle level. They don’t try out new ways of doing business the will allow them to increase their company and to become a good competitor to their competitors. * They don’t not expect to exhibit analysis and attention to details about their customers and competitors. Rather than considering about the methods that they have used to get their output they always focus only on their output. Most of the time they don’t consider about the techniques they have used. * Employees in Mihin Lank employees are team oriented, they always work as a one team to achieve their task that should be achieved on their way for achieving the goals of the company they work. 6. 0 Comparison and contrasting the culture of Sri Lankan Airline and Mihin Lanka Airline. Table 6. 1 Comparison and contrasting the culture of the two companies. 7. Relationship between the structure and the culture of Sri Lankan Airline. Work specialization is the first step in the organization structure due to work specialization it is easy for the employees in Sri Lankan airline to think about new ideas to perform their tasks that they are in charge in an effective and efficient manner. Sri Lankan airline maintains a narrow span of control where the number of levels is higher. Here the employees get more chance to get promotions in the organization. 8. 0 Relationship between the structure and the culture of Mihin Lanka Airline.

The business activities in Mihin Lanka are being brake into small tasks. So it is really easy for the employees to do their task properly and to think about new ideas to do their task in a more effective and efficient manner. Mihin Lanka is using a formalize way to take people into jobs and follow a set of rules by the employees but it is not really stick. This will allow the employees to behave on their own way There will be no deciplen within the organization and the organization want be able to do their business activities correctly with less number of skilled and qualified laburs. . 0 How the factors affect the behavior of employee. * Personality A work place brings together people from different culture, personalities, backgrounds and philosophies. All the aspects of a person’s performance and how they face the situations at their work place are being affected by their personalities. Different people use different ways and styles to perform their tasks that they are responsible at their work place. Attitude * Perception Process organizing individuals and interpret their sensory impression in order to give meaning to the environment.

The experience that managers get and the staff gets are different. Perception affects the employee behavior, this is where how the employee understand his or her responsibility and how they work for it. If the employee didn’t understand their responsibilities properly it will affect the organization. * Ability and Aptitude Every employee should have a good ability to work well with others and the ability to make effective decisions to the level of the person’s creativity. The smooth flow of the workplace will be interrupt by the rudeness and gossiping.

Disposition, mood and feeling are also being affect from a person’s ability. Therefore the ability and the aptitude will be another reason that may affect the behavior of an employee at work place. 10. 0 Leadership. 10. 1 The effectiveness on the leadership style used in Sri Lankan airline and Mihin Lanka airline. The HR Managers of the two airlines has been taken into consideration to talk about the effectiveness of their leadership styles. The human resource manager of Sri Lankan airlines faces a huge risk because he is the one who handling the HR department of Sri Lankan airlines.

Though he is a well-qualified person he should have good communication skills to handle the employees of the organization. He sets policies trough group discussions and decisions. He always encourage their employees, and always consider about his employees. This leadership style can be called as a democratic leadership style. The manager allows his subordinates to express their ideas. The leadership style of the HR manager in Mihin Lanka is the autocratic leadership style, also known as authoritarian leadership. All the decisions are taken according to his ideas by including a small input of other members. 1. 0 Practice the scientific approach management. According to Taylor the father of scientific management there is a “one best way” to perform every task through scientific study and other scientific solutions which will lead to increase the productivity. The three main areas focused are task performance, supervision and motivation. * Sri Lankan Airline. Sri Lankan airline is service providing company. They provide transportation fr the people who travels from country to country, They use various methods to improve the productivity of their organization.

They use various method to improve their task performance, to continue a good supervision and to increase the motivation of their employees. * Mihin Lanka Airline. According to Taylor’s scientific approach to management, is mainly focusing on task performance, supervision and motivation. To develop the standard of work Mihin Lanka use various methods such as organizing training programmes and seminars after that company is more oriented in overall operation. Next Taylor talks about the supervision. 12. 0 Contingency Approach.

Uncertainty and the change in the environment, size of the market and work technology will be identified as environmental factors that impact the effectiveness of different organizational firms. Sri Lankan airline is a large organization. According to contingency perspective, Sri Lankan airline is having a stable environment. 13. 0 The Formal groups Here the organization grouped their employees into small groups and each group is responsible on one perticlar task which will affect to fulfill the organizational goals. It will also leads to increase the effeciency of the business.

There are many types of formal groups such as Brain storming, quality circles, Project or product/team, Training of study group, Employee representative contributies, other commities and pannels 14. 0 The factors that lead to effective and ineffective group work 14. 1 Quantitate Factors. Table 14. 1 Effective and ineffective Quantitate factors. 14. 2 Qualitative Factors. Table 14. 2 Effective and ineffective Qualitative factors. 15. 0 Impact of modern technology on team functioning in the company. With the development of new technology organizations has started to use various methods of communication.

Most of the time they used those types of ways to save their time and to reduce the cost, that they have to spend. Sending e-mails are more faster than sending a letter. An e-mail can be send for many people at once. 16. 0 Conclusion and Recommendation. Conclusion. Sri Lankan airline is an organization where there work has been broken into small jobs and those jobs are being given to the people who are fully qualified, well skilled and one who can take the responsibility on what they are doing and who has good behavioural pattern.

Functional departmentalization and process departmentalization is being used by Sri Lankan airlines. Bu they are not maintaining a separate department for their customer, which is really important for a service providing company. . Mihin Lanka is not following a standardize way when giving jobs. And their employee’s behavior is not in really good standard. Recommendation. It will be more effective if Si Lankan airlines can maintain a separate department for their customers as well. If Mihin Lanka can maintain a separate departments for customer and process it will help full for them to increase the efficiency.

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Together with our corporate business partner Emirates, we are today a provider of comprehensive aircraft maintenance services in the region, under approval from Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka (CAA-SL). Centrally located in Sri Lanka, at the Colombo International Airport. we are indeed a convenient and costeffective one-stop-shop for all your integrated aviation maintenance and engineering needs.

Our annual capacity of more than a million man hours, and capabilities in aircraft engines, component maintenance and inventory management, along with our international offices and line facilities located in South India and Male, enables us to provide line maintenance support at important locations in the region as well as base maintenance support in Colombo. Of course, the driving force behind our accomplishments is our dedication to providing complete customer satisfaction and also our vision to be the most preferred Airbus maintenance service provider in the region. What we offer you

We at SriLankan Engineering offer our clients a value for money service, and a little extra . * Competitive pricing, and turn around time (TAT)with exceptional standards and skill level surpassing competition . * Focusing on customer satisfaction and customer relationship, we are a warm, friendly and flexible service provider keeping in line with the flavour of our nation Sri Lanka, and with our parent airline SriLankan . * Expertise and experience of 30 years in maintaining the SriLankan fleet. Line Maintenance Our highly trained engineers provide line support on A320/ A330/A340/B767/B737/B747/ MD 11 and L1011 aircraft.

The line maintenance team provides maintenance services up to and including full technical log certification and aircraft release at Colombo International Airport, Sri Lanka and at key airports in South India and Male for Middle Eastern and Far Eastern operators including its parent airline, Sri Lankan Airlines. Technical line support covers transit as well as progressive maintenance checks up to and including full ‘A’ checks on a large number of aircraft types including A320/ A330/ A340 aircraft powered by V2500/CFM56/Trent 700 engines.

Sri Lankan Engineering’s dedicated cabin maintenance team uses their wealth of experience on various IFE systems such as Panasonic (Matsushita) 2000 E and Rockwell-Collins TES system to ensure excellent IFE service standards while our cabin appearance management team would ensure a spotless cabin out of Colombo. We also provide backup for the airport authority and emergency services in incident/accident situations and are one of the prime recovery participants at the airport.

We also aim to be a dependable point of contact for spares, engineering and maintenance assistance for customer aircraft that are AOG in Colombo. Our current customer base includes SriLankan Airlines, Emirates, Kuwait Airways, Singapore Airlines (freight), Air Arabia, Martinair, Gulf Air, Oman Air, Qatar Airways and Lufthansa Cargo. Base Maintenance Our base maintenance facility is staffed by approximately 400 highly skilled personnel in a modern hangar of approximately 8000 sq meters and is fully equipped to carry out heavy maintenance of narrow-body (A320) and wide-body aircraft (A330/A340).

We specialize in the following areas: A320 – All MPO checks up to and including 8C/l0Y, CPCPand structural inspections, modifications,upgrades, cabin refurbishment, aircraft weighing, NOT, Engine video boroscope inspection. A330/ A340 – All MPO checks up to and including 8C/l OY,structural inspections, modifications, upgrades, cabin refurbishment, aircraft weighing, NOT, Engine video boroscope inspection. As Sri Lankan was the first A340 operator in Asia, we possess heavy maintenance experience on Airbusaircraft since 1994.

Currently we carry out all maintenance of the Sri Lankan fleet of fourteen A320 / A330/ A340 aircraft which boasts of very high dispatch reliability across its fleet and a daily utilization of over 14 hours on its A340 fleet. SriLankan Engineering offers the following services in addition to the basic MPO work package: Aircraft Painting Our highly skilled and experienced painters provide the highest quality and the most cost effective exterior/interior painting solutions. From complete paint strip and re-paint of the aircraft to new livery and aircraft polishing, you can expect nothing but the best finish.

Retrofit Management We have a wealth of experience in the complete project management of retrofit and modifications and logistic management of intense programs such as Airbus LRIP and the FSIP. Furthermore our services extend to cabin and IFE reconfiguration and retrofit (seats, galleys, lavatories, IFEetc) programs. Structural Modifications With fully equipped structures workshop, a machine workshop and composite repair shop, you can rely on our team of expert structural engineers to provide almost any structural modification or repairs to Airbus A320/A330/A340 fleets.

Our capabilities include major repairs, skin replacement work, structural modification work including FR40 and Rib 6 modifications on A330/A340 fleet together with cold working and flap peening. Working party support Our vast knowledge and experience enables us to provide you with assistance in terms of NOT work, Engine Boroscope or engineering support for modifications or routine maintenance. We could even provide you with working parties to supplement peak load manpower requirements at your facility. Work shops

Our clients can rely on a range of auxiliary shops offering round the clock support for line and base maintenance operations: • Non Destructive Testing (NOT) carried out in accordance with EN4179 and EN473• Safety workshop that maintains all cabin safety items and slide rafts • Paint workshop with capabilities for complete wide body/narrow body aircraft painting and component painting • Cleaning Bay with capabilities for complete aircraft exterior wash, engine core wash, component cleaning, and panel cleaning • Cabin workshop with capabilities for interior cleaning, fabric work, seat overhaul, carpet fabrication, and side wall and ceiling re-trim work for overall cabin enhancement. • Composite work shop with capabilities for all composite related work including Hot Bonding • Galley and related equipment overhaul shop • Accessories workshop with capability to repair and maintain cargo bay POU’s and selected LRU’s. • Avionics shop with capability to repair Panasonic (Matsushita) and Rockwell Collins IFE equipment HF & VHF communications equipment selected electro mechanical components and instruments. Engine Maintanance Services

Our on-wing engine maintenance includes standard MPO tasks and boroscope inspections during the hangar input or during line maintenance checks. For off-wing engine maintenance, you can rely on our specialist engine team at our state-of-the-art engine module changing facility in Colombo. Our capabilities include QEC build-up for CFM 56, RRTrent 700 and IAE V2500 engines as well as top case opening for CFM56 and gearbox replacement for RRTrent 700 engines. Engineering Services Service bulletin evaluation/cost benefit analysis/generation of Engineering Instructions for embodiment and airworthiness directive incorporation – Customized modifications and repairs. Example: Landing gear replacements

Cockpit anti-intrusion and penetration resistant door modification EGPWS,ELT, cabin camera & video surveillance,  & avionics modifications – Customized cabin upgrades, cabin refits and refurbishment programs – Aircraft weighing and load sheet preparation – ACMS programming and QAR/DAR readout and analysis / investigation – Flight operation quality assurance (FOQA) program management – Computer aided design and drafting – Develop Engine stagger plans, work scope for shop visit and manage shop visits – Engine Trend monitoring & corrective action launch – Aircraft performance management / improvement programs – Airshow channel (Ace 420) development and test facility. Technical Training

Our well-equipped training center offers computer based (VACBI) training The training centre is modeled on the EASA 147 regulatory framework Our facility that consists of seven class rooms including an auditorium together with a team of twelve highly experienced full time lecturers. The center offers both basic and type specific training on the Airbus fleet with various engine combinations, fulfilling the standards of EASA Part 66. We also offer training programs for obtaining aircraft maintenance licenses and management development programs. Our training capabilities are updated frequently in close cooperation with OEMs. Carried out corporate training for Jet, Qantas, Gulf Air, GAMCO, Emirates, Oman Air, KLM

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