What Is Travel Agency? Tourism

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Travel bureau is a confidential seller/ public service that present touristry related services to the populace on behalf of traders like hotel, box circuit, railroads, leases auto, air hoses, sea ways, and air hoses. add-on to trading with regular tourers the bulk bureaus have a separate section committed to doing travel agreements for commercial travellers and a figure of travel bureaus focus in commercial travel merely. There are besides travel bureaus that provide as general gross revenues agents for abroad concerns, leting them to hold subdivisions in parts and states other than where their caput offices are placed.


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Agency ‘s major function is to execute as a representative. Promoting travel goods and services on behalf of a trader. Therefore, similar to other retail industries, they do n’t hold a stock in shops. A holiday battalion or a ticket is non obtained from a trader boulder clay a consumer desires that purchase. The vacation or ticket is supplying to them at money off offer. The gross is accordingly the fluctuation among the selling cost which the consumer wages and the discounted cost at which it is offered to the agent. This is known as the committee. In infinite states, all individuals or companies that trade tickets are necessary to be licensed as a travel agent.

Many British and American bureaus licence are based on these associations:

  • ( IATA ) international conveyance association- for who issue air tickets
  • ( ATOL ) air travel organiser ‘s licensing- for who order tickets
  • ( ABTA ) associations of British travel agent or the ( ASTA ) the American society of travel agent, for who trade bundle vacations on behalf of a tour company.


Reserve and administering tickets is a most of import map of the travel bureau. It is necessary for travel bureau workers to hold acquaintance or cognition about Air travel in the worldwide every bit good as national section. This cognition undertakes a scope of other characteristics such as booking methods, category of travel, prohibited affair, particular clients, passports, visas, travel directories, hotel usher. Supervisor or an worker have to cognize the assortment of processs linked to these

Management undertakings

Similar to any other concern if you have it in head to put up and run a travel bureau company expeditiously you have to use the direction constructs and maps non merely in scheduling but besides in processing. The organisation undertakings in a travel bureau are linked to the character of concern procedure and the services provided. The cardinal duty of travel bureau is to provide the purchase of travel to the client at a suited topographic point. It is at these topographic points that the travel bureaus act as reserve representative for route or H2O conveyance, railroads, hotels, bundle Tourss, air hoses. They besides offer positive extra services such as, traveller check, procuring of visas, foreign exchange, travel insurance, airdrome conveyance, client clearances, licenses, etc. A travel bureau besides behaves like a travel adviser proposing consultancy on thoughts like:

  • How to go?
  • When to go and where?
  • Where to remain or make shopping, etc. ?

Such suggestions are possible merely after placing the client ‘s demands and attitudes. This portion has to be completed neutrally by the travel bureau in order to supply the best to the client.

Travel bureaus are divided in a scope of ways. The differences can be based on their ranks such as International Air Transport Association ( IATA ) , Pacific Area Travel Association ( PATA ) , American Society of Travel Agents ( ASTA ) , Association of British Travel Agents ( ABTA ) , World Association of Travel Agents ( WATA ) , Universal Federation of Travel Agents Association ( UFTA ) or Travel Agents Association of srilanka ( TAASL ) . These acknowledgments can besides be identified by the sort of trade or services they are supplying.

Geting Product acquaintance or Knowledge

If non a manager acquires merchandise cognition or acquaintance with merchandises, it is difficult to be successful in travel bureau industry. This is precisely true because the bulk of the travel bureaus are little household concerns with owner executing as directors and utilize small work force. The directors themselves must hold a best merchandise acquaintance or cognition in order to take and direct their work force. This is related for reciprocally, outbound every bit good as domestic travel. A travel bureau work force should hold full acquaintance or knowledge of-


  • Whether conditions,
  • Political environment,
  • Particular events and community vacations,
  • Customss, civilization and culinary art of finish,
  • Main attractive forces,
  • Physical status and other jeopardies,
  • Money exchange rates,
  • Travel policy ordinances and paperss,
  • Lodging installations,


  • Reservation system,
  • Travel Route operations,
  • Flight docket,
  • Charges,
  • Types of aeroplanes,
  • Servicess offered on board,
  • Connecting flights,


  • Timings,
  • Comfortss,
  • Travel Agencies
  • Merchandise cognition can be obtained
  • From a assortment of beginnings. It is every bit
  • Custom and safety ordinances,
  • Distances from metropolis,

Transportation systems:

  • Connections or contacts
  • Car leases,
  • A reserve method and processs.

Other Aspects:

  • Package Tourss,
  • Excursions,

Chief Suppliers:

  • Image and fiscal standing,
  • Servicess offered,
  • Quality of service,
  • Committees offered,

Forming or puting up a travel bureau

To organize a travel bureau concern has to do certain about following facets:

  • Monetary and Infrastructural demand,
  • Blessing from concerned parties,
  • Recognitions from major providers or traders,
  • Motivation and benefits.

Infrastructural and Financial or pecuniary Requirements

Forming a new concern in this topic the large capital demands are less. Most require investing are for the followers:

  • Purchase of Suitable office infinite,
  • Office furniture,
  • Communication system and tools such as, computing machine, telecommunications
  • Wagess for the employees,
  • Office equipment such as, papers, files, ticket, letterheads

Before formulate the travel bureau concern a important point to be think is the located topographic point of the bureau or the place of bureau. The bulk of the travel agents have their offices in busy metropoliss. Travel agents vie for concern in the topographic point where they are positioned. At the same clip choosing on the place of your office, you should do certain that it is in the market place with close entree to profitable concern.

A concluding review is held and the blessing is provided by International Air Transport Association. Mainly it is of import province here that all International Air Transport Association approved Agents obtain 9 % committee on planetary air tickets and 6 % on domestic air line tickets.

Recognition and Licenses

Travel bureaus have to look for acknowledgment or licensed from

  • Department of Tourism,
  • Government of srilanka
  • Licenses from the major providers such as, the air hoses, Banks and acknowledgment by the dealing hotels.

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