Impact of International Travel and Tourism on Egypt

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Egypt is one of the best and most-sought after tourist destinations in the world. It is a land full of attractions—from its historical, religious, and up to recreational places. Because of this, tourism and travel plays a major role in the country. Every year, millions of international tourists are coming in Egypt. This gives various impacts, both positive and negative ones.

            Egypt plays an important role to the economy of the country. For the last two centuries, tourism has been a chief contributor to Egypt’s economy. International tourism and travel contribute to Egypt’s Gross Domestic Product or GDP. In addition, it also helps in the employment of many Egyptians. Most importantly, tourism and travel provide help in Egypt’s industries, such as recreation, transport, construction, and food beverage businesses. As a matter of fact, tourism in Egypt also helps in drawing investors. Aside from the positive impact in the economy, international tourism and travel also contribute in the unity of its society. Egyptians learn how to be hospitable and grateful to visitors and tourists from other countries. This also helps in the conservation and restoration of the historical places in Egypt.

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            However, international tourism and travel also have some negative effects in the country. Some of these refer to Egypt’s social and political aspect. For example, because of tourism, there is a problem in the restoration of Egypt’s historical places and valuable tourist attractions. There is an issue whether it is better for them to be restored or to be reconstructed. Security in Egypt is also being endangered. Because million of tourists come to Egypt every year, one problem is how to maintain their safety. In the middle of all these problems, the Egyptian government is trying its best to deal with all of them. Right now, there are various approaches on how to solve these problems. There are new laws and policies regarding pollution, conservation, and good management. Because of this, Egypt’s tourism and travel will continue to bloom.


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