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What Makes A Person An Adult?

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  • Pages 2
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    Some people have different opinion on what makes a person an adult; however here are some of my thoughts on what make a person an adult. In this paragraph we are going to talk about three factors of adulthood: 1. Maturity 2. Respect 3. Responsibility. What is maturity? Maturity is being able to react calmly and mannerly to a problem or situation you have gotten yourself into. You also develop maturity threw your past experience.

    For example, You and say a co-worker or any other adult are arguing back and forth the mature thing for you to do is find a solution that only not works for you but them as well. This will come to the closing of the argument and you would have been the mature one in the situation. Respect can be defined in a lot of ways. You can’t just be given respect as an adult people have to earn respect. As an adult you should treat other adults with the respect that you want to be treated with.

    For example if people go around treating other adults as children more than likely you will receive that some action. Another example of Respect would be at your job when your boss tells you to do something even though you prefer not. That is respect for your boss. Last we have Responsibility. What is Responsibility? Responsibility generally comes with adulthood, because once people are consider an adult their parents, teachers, family will accept a lot from them.

    A good example of responsibility of an adult is having a family and trying to take care of them while trying to maintain your job! Another example would be while at work whatever it is people may do for a living for insistent I work at a childcare my responsibility there is to watch the kids, change their diapers every 5 minutes, clean the toys and the room. There is Responsibility in everything that we do in life. So how do you decide what makes a person an adult well maybe some of these facts in this paragraph will help you decide!

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