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What Makes Bitcoin a Preferred Daytrading Instrument



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    If spoken about sell and purchase, all of it started from the barter system. Take a good in exchange of another and similar method was for the services too. With gradual evolution of human race, this system changed. Coins became the mode of valuation of goods or services. Then paper money held the reign. With advancements in science and technology, people started to rely upon plastic money.

    Plastic money signifies Debit and Credit Cards. Online wallets and mobile money concept developed henceforth leading to the advent of cyptocurrency.

    Bitcoin is a form of cyptocurrency. This peer-to-peer money transaction system is not having any intermediary. It is not having any central bank or administration platform. It is designated by BTC or XBT symbols. Bitcoin is the first ever currency in the history of world which is free from currency conversion hassles. Anyone can send or receive any amount of money to or from anyone else, anywhere on the world, conveniently and without restriction.

    This currency concept relies upon the blockchain protocol. Blockchain is a system of open and validated ledger pattern. This pattern timestamps and records transaction between two entities. The transactions can be verified optimally and are defrauding proof.

    There are public, private and consortium types of blockchain protocols. This range of vivid protocols facilitates P2P and B2B transactions throughout the globe in a safe, secure and verifiable way. All types of money or currency, be it paper, plastic, mobile or cyptocurrency can be multiplied. Invest it in a business, purchase gold, land, or trade with it. In any of these activities, you have to leave your money in the surrogated custody of some reliable central body.

    Most of us nowadays engage ourselves in multiple occupations. Therefore, trading in a very routine and schedules way sometimes can bother us a lot. The system of daytrading can help you a lot in this. It is an active and involved trading system which can be done anytime from anywhere according to your convenience.

    Bitcoin can be our ultimate trading instrument due to the following reasons:

    • Exchange of Bitcoin focused for trading purposes has very low fees and charges as compared to its traditional counterparts. On wise selection and trading, 0.25% is the maximum fees of your transaction you have to pay. This percentage for other exchanges can go up to 12 with applicable government taxes and charges.
    • You can trade by using bitcoin from anywhere. Bitcoin is globally accepted throughout the trading market worldwide. Its independence feature over fixed currency or country makes it a global trading tool. Irrespective of time and your location, you can trade according to your wish.
    • There is no experimental phase or technical complexities, for which you have to do any thorough research for daytrading Bitcoin. It is a simple and clear trading platform. To trade in this platform, you do not have to hold any long-term position.
    • Daytrading of Bitcoin supports leveraged trading options. By this, the user stays aware of the upside and downside price risks. This feature is not available in many conventional and prevalent traditional trading methodologies.
    • Due to the versatile nature of Bitcoin in terms of its acceptance all over the world, you get exposure to plenty of trade able options. The options you receive by using bitcoin are not possible with any other trading instrument.

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