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What Makes Human So Special

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Base on society standards our appearance will affect the ay we are viewed and treated by others from childhood into adulthood. The preferential treatment that one may receive due to their physical appearance will create a superior level of confidence and self-worth that in most cases will continue throughout adult hood. The reverse would also be true, if a person is considered obese, in general this person can expect little favorable treatment by the public at large, what he or she can expect in many cases, especially as a child, cruel unfair treatment and flat out discrimination into adulthood.

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What Makes Human So Special
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In either ease the treatment one receives from childhood to adulthood based on physical appearance and inherited genetics will impact one’s personality significantly. The biological theory has many factors which are easy to relate, for one the notion that in part our personality stems from our environment. This notion is agreeable because it seems obvious that children are more likely to behave in a manner in which they are brought up.

Another agreeable notion is the three dimensions of personality.

An example would include that extroverted people often tend to look for outside stimulus and if unable to find the stimulus come bored and distracted. The notion that personality stems from inherited genes in my opinion is disagreeable. For one, if a parent is extroverted does not necessarily mean the child will be. Although children may inherit certain features and possibly illnesses from their parents, personality in my opinion is formed. The question is whether people are born with certain traits or are these traits a product of our environment.

Genetics combined with influences in our environment contribute to people becoming more susceptible to certain psychological disorders. One such disorder is schizophrenia. Although Schizophrenia has no definite cause, one theory is this disorder may be caused by genetics. Relatives of individuals who become diagnosed with schizophrenia have a higher chance of getting this disorder. Because of one identical twin having this disorder and not the other, research also suggests that environmental factors play a role in this disorder.

Solicitation describes a process which may lead to desirable, or ‘moral’, outcomes Individual views on certain issues, such as race or economics, may be socialized within a society. Solicitation is the means by which human infants begin to acquire the skills necessary to perform as a functioning member of their society, and is the most influential learning process one can experience. Unlike other living species, whose behavior is biologically set, humans need social experiences to learn their culture and to survive. Williams & Machines,2010) One example of social structure is the idea of social stratification, which is the concept involving the classification of persons into groups based on shared socio-economic conditions; relational set of inequalities with economic, social, political and ideological dimensions, refers to the idea that society is separated into different levels, guided by the underlying structures in the social system. This approach has been important in the academic literature with the rise of various forms of structuralism.

It is important in the modern study of organizations, because an organization’s structure may determine its flexibility, capacity to change, and many other factors. Therefore, structure is an important issue for management. Social structure such as family, religion, law, economy, and class may be seen to influence important social systems including the economic system, legal system, political system, and cultural system. The social system is the parent system of those various systems that are embedded within it.

Psychology is the word that is used to define the science of mind and behavior. (Editorial Board). The human being is extremely complex, evolutionary individual, and new discoveries regarding human development are discovered often. Because of constant stream of new discoveries regarding human psyche, there are many different respective that when combined in an eclectic manner provide a unique insight into what makes us, as human beings, so special.

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