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The Next Five Years in Viet Nam



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    It’s argued that the greatest challenge facing human resource managers in Viet Nam in the next 5 years will be to attract and retain the quality staff for their organization. I agree with statement because at present Vietnam has to meet the risk of skilled labor shortage although we have abundant labor force. The rate of quality employees is very rarely. So, how can we improve the imbalance of workforce? It’s clear that company must attract and retain the quality staff in their company ? how can company attract and retain employees?

    I will tell clearer in my assignment. I/ Current workforce in Vietnam According to HG, http://tsc. edu. vn, Vietnam has 86 millions people include 73% population are farmer. This suggests that farmers are still major workforce and play important role in society. In many decades, farmers think plant rice, corn, etc… is the easiest job and no need to learn or get some knowledge about it. Although they apply science and technology for their job, the result is not good like they image because they do not have any knowledge or experience about using technology.

    In addition, workers have from 5 million to 6 million people (comprise 6% in population), however, the number of worker have knowledge, skill account for 3. 3% in total worker in Vietnam. Because workers have not skill so they can not satisfy their job. This is lead to the imbalance of labor in company or organization. The firms do not lack of worker but they lack of skilled worker who play major role in important stages in the production line. Generally, human resource is difficult problem for business.

    So, to improve skill, experience of worker, the company has to some method to attract new employees who have good skill, knowledge, and retain old workers who have long experience, skill, ethnic, and enthusiasm,… However, it is important that how do firms can attract and retain good quality employees in the future? This is the biggest challenge for companies or organization in Vietnam in the next five year. II/ How to attract and retain good quality employees in next five years? Following Brian Miller, http://www. allbusiness. com, attracting and retaining the best employees is very crucial to the strength and overall success of businesses.

    There are many ways for employers or business owner can increase the chances of attracting and retaining good quality employees. The popular way is offering good salaries and opportunities to as they can truly be contributions to the growth of their company. 1. Attracting How did managers find good quality employees? I think the most common way is using advertising and marketing program. This will immediately take the attention of any quality would be employee searching for a new opportunity. Advertising and marketing program not only help the client know the company but also to attract skill employees into the fold.

    In addition, using recruitment tools that are based on the Internet is another good way to find the employees that managers want to working for them. According to De Cieri Kramar et al (2008, p. 264), Internet recruitment is method of attracting job applicants that relies on the Internet because using Internet is very popular now, the employers can search in any where, any time without leaving the home office. In my opinion, not every employee can easily access and navigate through the Internet, even at this day and age, so finding a very adept employee can actually be quite easy this way.

    In my analysis, friendly atmosphere play important role in workplace. When the work environment is open enough for all employees to contribute and offer ideas and suggestion without ridicule or negative response, this sparks creativity in an employee and, again, empowers them to contribute more to the business. If everyone feels as though they are a part of the leadership process and not just a worker bee, they will have a satisfying feeling that can go a long way. In addition, train new employees to return the companies as they progress through their careers.

    The CEO or executive director has to welcome new employees, tell them the company’s history, company’s mission, several reasons why the company is a great place to work. Moreover, the company must make employees feel comfortable such as lunchtime don’t need to take place at specific time or don’t need to be rigid schedule, etc… 2. Retaining Key employee retention is critical to long term health and success of the business. Manager readily agree that retaining the best employees ensures ustomer satisfaction, product sales, satisfied coworkers and reporting staff, effective succession planning and deeply imbedded organizational knowledge and learning. For companies or organizations, attracting new employees with knowledge, skill, etc… is not enough; they have to retain key employees with skill, experience, etc… To retain quality employees, the manager must perform something such as: listening, rewarding. Do these four things well, and you will keep good employees. Firstly, manager has to listen to employees or staffs. Communication is the most powerful tool in company, if manager choose to use it.

    Ask questions about how employees feel about their jobs. If they complain about things, ask the employees what they want to do to fix the problem. Secondly, the manager will have reward for employees who have good result, good performance. The method of reward doesn’t matter as much as its sincerity. A few words of thanks that are heartfelt and honest can be as effective as a gift certificate, provided the sincerity of the gesture is without question. This is a way to encourage employees to do better in next time and make them belief that the companies like their second home.

    Especially, the company must care about young employees and provide them opportunity for professional development. The existed employees have to help new others to improve skill, get knowledge, etc… Moreover, young employees need time to change, so the company must give opportunities for employees go back to school full time and gain the full knowledge and experience and after they finish the course, they will comeback and they actually become better employees. For instance, many companies facing the risk of skilled labor shortage in the future include Star Fashion Company. However, the company has the way to keep skilled employees.

    As we know that, the company’s factory location is between many other big manufactures such as K&K, therefore, it is really hard for company recruit 1000 employees as they want, the HR department helped them out. According to Mr. Ngo Quang Thoa, member of HR department, knowing about the fact, HR department tried to attract local persons by their attractive and very good well-fare package. Not only provide the very good working environment, the company also provides them with many other benefits which are booted as their motivation strategy. In 2011, the company wants to recruit nearly 2000 workers to meet their goal of expanding.

    The HR department, still, do the recruitment process, they are a rare company which does not pay much attention about the employees’ education background, conversely, they are interested in the worker’s technical skill, experience and soft skill. They will firstly give the, their introductory conference in which people who attend can ask everything about company. Agreed persons can ask for the application form. Then, the qualified applicant who has passed the screening test in their background is called for an interview as a technical test of the HR department.

    From this, the employees will have the chance to express their competence in term of knowledge, ability, attitude and experience. Qualified person then will be chosen for the full training program with the introduction of any things related to company such as: the rule, regulations, the requirement and the culture. Because the company is a full join-adventure foreign company so any documents or new policies have to written in two languages in case that every one in the company from the top level to the bottom one has the complete understanding. Another special thing of training program is that it is one-time training.

    After two-day full training program, they will be continuously trained to improve their skills. Especially, good performer could be sent to Singapore for 6 months training. This is rally good way to motivate the employees. In addition, the company also launches many retention efforts in order to avoid the risk of labor shortage in the future. Beside very good working environment including: the healthy, convenient, and comfortable environment, clean toilet, available clinic with adequate facilities. The company has already established the Union which is considered the place protecting employees’ rights and duties.

    This facility will help the employees deal with the disputes, listen to their problems and act as an intermediary between the organization and the employee if there is any complaint. In term of motivation, thy are using the common reward program in organization such as benefit and bonus for good group and individual performance monthly and annually, welfare package with salary and bonus, good sick leave system, keep the working environment healthy, convenient and comfortable, clean toilet, available clinic with adequate facilitate.

    And also the empowerment and promotion programs are applied. With an open culture, the organization also encourages the employees in every segment to express their creative. In conclusion, a company can not exist if they do not make some thing new include new staff attractive and quality employee retention. The company’s success at hiring good employees and retaining them is directly dependant on manager’s ability to create an environment conducive to career-growth. As long as an employee sees company as a fertile place for their abilities to grow, they will set down roots.

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