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Why Am I an Atheist

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It is a affair of argument whether my deficiency of belief in the being of an Omnipresent. Omniscient God is due to my chesty pride and amour propre. It ne’er occurred to me that sometime in the hereafter I would be involved in polemics of this sort. As a consequence of some treatments with my friends. ( if my claim to friendship is non uncalled for ) I have realised that after holding known me for a small clip merely. some of them have reached a sort of headlong decision about me that my godlessness is my folly and that it is the result of my amour propre.

Even so it is a serious job. I do non tout of being above these human follies. I am. after all. a human being and nil more. And no 1 can claim to be more than that. I have a failing in my personality. for pride is one of the human traits that I do possess.

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Why Am I an Atheist
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I am known as a dictator among my friends. Sometimes I am called a bragger. Some have ever been kicking that I am autocratic and I force others to accept my sentiment. Yes. it is true to some extent. I do non deny this charge. We can utilize the word ‘vainglory’ for it. Equally far as the contemptible. disused. rotten values of our society are concerned. I am an utmost sceptic. But this inquiry does non concern my individual entirely. It is being proud of my thoughts. my ideas. It can non be called empty pride. Pride. or you may utilize the word. amour propre. both mean an overdone appraisal of one’s personality. Is my godlessness because of unneeded pride. or have I ceased believing in God after believing long and deep on the affair? I wish to set my thoughts before you. First of all. allow us distinguish between pride and amour propre as these are two different things.

I have ne’er been able to understand how baseless. groundless pride or empty amour propre can impede a individual from believing in God. I may decline to admit the illustriousness of a truly great individual merely when I have got celebrity without making any serious attempts or when I lack the superior mental powers necessary to go great. It is easy to understand but how is it possible that a truster can turn into a non-believer because of his amour propre? Merely two things are possible: either a adult male deems himself to be in ownership of Godly qualities. or he goes a measure further and declares himself to be a God. In both these provinces of head he can non be an atheist in the true sense of the word. In the first instance. it is non an straight-out rejection of God’s being ; in the other. he is confirming the being of some sort of supernatural power responsible for the working of existence. It does non harm our statement whether he claims to be a God or considers God to be a world in being above his ain being.

The existent point. nevertheless. is that in both instances he is a theist. a truster. He is non an atheist. I want to convey place this point to you. I am non one of these two credos. I wholly reject the being of an Omnipresent. all powerful. all cognizing God. Why so? I will discourse it subsequently in the essay. Here I wish to underscore that I am non an atheist for the ground that I am chesty or proud or vain ; nor am I a demi-god. nor a prophesier ; no. nor am I God myself. At least one thing is true that I have non evolved this idea because of amour propre or pride. In order to reply this inquiry I relate the truth. My friends say that after Delhi bombardment and Lahore Conspiracy Case. I rocketed to fame and that this fact has turned my caput. Let us discourse why this allegation is wrong. I did non give up my belief in God after these incidents. I was an atheist even when I was an unknown figure. At least a college pupil can non care for any kind of overdone impression of himself that may take him to godlessness. It is true that I was a front-runner with some college instructors. but others did non like me.

I was ne’er a hardworking or studious male child. I ne’er got an chance to be proud. I was really careful in my behavior and slightly pessimistic about my future calling. I was non wholly unbelieving in my beliefs. I was brought up under the attention and protection of my male parent. He was a steadfast Arya Samaji. An Arya Samaji can be anything but ne’er an atheist. After my simple instruction. I was sent to D. A. V College. Lahore. I lived in the embarkation house for one twelvemonth. Besides supplications early in the forenoon and at dusk clip. I sat for hours and chanted spiritual Mantras. At that clip. I was a steadfast truster. Then I lived with my male parent. He was a tolerant adult male in his spiritual positions.

It is due to his instructions that I devoted my life for the cause of emancipating my state. But he was non an atheist. His God was an all-pervading Entity. He advised me to offer my supplications every twenty-four hours. In this manner I was brought up. In the Non-cooperation yearss. I got admittance to the National College. During my stay in this college. I began believing over all the spiritual polemics such that I grew doubting about the being of God. In malice of this fact I can state that my belief in God was steadfast and strong. I grew a face fungus and ‘Kais’ ( long caput of hair as a Sikh spiritual usage ) . In malice of this I could non convert myself of the efficaciousness of Sikh faith or any faith at all. for that affair. But I had an unswerving. firm belief in God.

Then I joined the Revolutionary Party. The first leader I met had non the bravery to openly declare himself an atheist. He was unable to make any decision on this point. Whenever I asked him about the being of God. he gave me this answer: “You may believe in him when you feel like it. ” The 2nd leader with whom I came in contact was a steadfast truster. I should advert his name. It was our well-thought-of Comrade Sachindara Nath Sanyal. He was sentenced to life imprisonment in connexion with Karachi confederacy instance. Right from the first page of his lone book. ‘Bandi Jivan’ ( Incarnated Life ) he sings congratulationss to the Glory of God. See the last page of the 2nd portion of this book and you find congratulationss showered upon God in the manner of a mysterious. It is a clear contemplation of his ideas.

Harmonizing to the prosecution. the ‘Revolutionary Leaflet’ which was distributed throughout India was the result of Sachindara Nath Sanyal’s rational labor. So frequently it happens that in radical activities a leader expresses his ain thoughts which may be really beloved to him. but in malice of holding differences. the other workers have to assent in them.

In that cusp. one full paragraph was devoted to the congratulationss of God and His behaviors which we. human existences. can non understand. This is absolute mysticism. What I want to indicate out is that the thought of denying the being of God did non even occur to the Revolutionary Party. The celebrated Kakory sufferer. all four of them. passed their last twenty-four hours in supplications. Ram Parshad Bismal was a steadfast Arya Samaji. In malice of his huge surveies in Socialism and Communism. Rajan Lahiri could non stamp down his desire to declaim anthem from Upanishads and Gita. There was but merely one individual among them who did non indulge in such activities. He used to state. “Religion is the result of human failing or the restriction of human cognition. ” He is besides in prison for life. But he besides ne’er dared to deny the being of God.

Till that clip I was merely a romantic revolutionist. merely a follower of our leaders. Then came the clip to shoulder the whole duty. For some clip. a strong resistance put the really being of the party into danger. Many leaders every bit good as many enthusiastic companions began to continue the party to roast. They jeered at us. I had an apprehensiveness that some twenty-four hours I will besides see it a futile and hopeless undertaking. It was a turning point in my radical calling. An ceaseless desire to analyze filled my bosom. ‘Study more and more’ . said I to myself so that I might be able to confront the statements of my oppositions. ‘Study’ to back up your point of position with converting statements. And I began to analyze in a serious mode. My old beliefs and strong beliefs underwent a extremist alteration. The love affair of combativeness dominated our predecessors ; now serious thoughts ousted this manner of thought. No more mysticism! No more unsighted religion! Now pragmatism was our manner of thought. At times of awful necessity. we can fall back to extreme methods. but force produces opposite consequences in mass motions.

I have talked much about our methods. The most of import thing was a clear construct of our political orientation for which we were engaging a long battle. As there was no election activity traveling on. I got ample chance to analyze assorted thoughts propounded by assorted authors. I studied Bakunin. the anarchist leader. I read a few books of Marx. the male parent of Communism. I besides read Lenin and Trotsky and many other authors who successfully carried out revolutions in their states. All of them were atheists.

The thoughts contained in Bakunin’s ‘God and State’ seem inconclusive. but it is an interesting book. After that I came across a book ‘Common Sense’ by Nirlamba Swami. His point of position was a kind of mystical godlessness. I developed more involvement in this topic. By the terminal of 1926. I was convinced that the belief in an Almighty. Supreme Being who created. guided and controlled the existence had no sound foundations. I began treatments on this topic with my friends. I had openly declared myself an atheist. What it meant will be discussed in the undermentioned lines.

In May 1927. I was arrested in Lahore. This apprehension came as a large surprise for me. I had non the least thought that I was wanted by the constabulary. I was go throughing through a garden and all of a sudden the constabulary surrounded me. To my ain surprise. I was really unagitated at that clip. I was in full control of myself. I was taken into constabulary detention. The following twenty-four hours I was taken to the Railway Police lockup where I spent a whole month. After many days’ conversation with police forces. I guessed that they had some information about my connexion with the Kakori Party. I felt they had some intelligence of my other activities in the radical motion. They told me that I was in Lucknow during the Kakori Party Trial so that I might invent a strategy to deliver the perpetrators. They besides said that after the program had been approved. we procured some bombs and by manner of trial. one of those bombs was thrown into a crowd on the juncture of Dussehra in 1926.

They offered to let go of me on status that I gave a statement on the activities of the Revolutionary Party. In this manner I would be set free and even rewarded and I would non be produced as an approver in the tribunal. I could non assist express joying at their proposals. It was all baloney. Peoples who have thoughts like ours do non throw bombs at their ain guiltless people. One twenty-four hours. Mr. Newman. the so senior Superintendent of CID. came to me. After a long talk which was full of sympathetic words. he imparted to me what he considered to be sad intelligence. that if I did non give any statement as demanded by them. they would be forced to direct me up for test for confederacy to pay war in connexion with Kakori Case and besides for barbarous violent deaths in Dussehra assemblage. After that he said that he had sufficient grounds to acquire me convicted and hanged.

I was wholly guiltless. but I believed that the constabulary had sufficient power to make it if they desired it to be so. The same twenty-four hours some constabulary officers persuaded me to offer my supplications to God two times on a regular basis. I was an atheist. I thought that I would settle it to myself whether I could boast merely in yearss of peace and felicity that I was an atheist. or in those difficult times I could be steadfast in my strong beliefs. After a long argument with myself. I reached the decision that I could non even feign to be a truster nor could I offer my supplications to God. No. I ne’er did it. It was clip of test and I would come out of it successful. These were my ideas. Never for a minute did I desire to salvage my life. So I was a true atheist so and I am an atheist now. It was non an easy undertaking to confront that ordeal. Beliefs make it easier to travel through adversities. even do them pleasant. Man can happen a strong support in God and an encouraging solace in His Name. If you have no belief in Him. so there is no alternate but to depend upon yourself. It is non child’s drama to stand house on your pess amid storms and strong air currents.

In hard times. amour propre. if it remains. evaporates and adult male can non happen the bravery to withstand beliefs held in common regard by the people. If he truly revolts against such beliefs. we must reason that it is non absolute amour propre ; he has some sort of extraordinary strength. This is precisely the state of affairs now. First of all we all know what the opinion will be. It is to be pronounced in a hebdomad or so. I am traveling to give my life for a cause. What more solace can at that place be! A God-believing Hindu may anticipate to be reborn a male monarch ; a Muslim or a Christian might woolgather of the luxuries he hopes to bask in Eden as a wages for his agonies and forfeits. What hope should I entertain? I know that will be the terminal when the rope is tightened round my cervix and the balks move from under my pess. To utilize more precise spiritual nomenclature. that will be the minute of arrant obliteration. My psyche will come to nil.

If I take the bravery to take the affair in the visible radiation of ‘Reward’ . I see that a short life of battle with no such brilliant terminal shall itself be my ‘Reward. ’ That is all. Without any selfish motivation of acquiring any wages here or in the afterlife. rather disinterestedly have I devoted my life to the cause of freedom. I could non move otherwise. The twenty-four hours shall usher in a new epoch of autonomy when a big figure of work forces and adult females. taking bravery from the thought of functioning humanity and emancipating them from agonies and hurt. make up one’s mind that there is no alternate before them except giving their lives for this cause.

They will pay a war against their oppressors. autocrats or users. non to go male monarchs. or to derive any wages here or in the following birth or after decease in Eden ; but to project off the yoke of bondage. to set up autonomy and peace they will step this parlous. but glorious way. Can the pride they take in their baronial cause be called amour propre? Who is there rash plenty to name it so? To him I say either he is foolish or wicked. Leave such a fellow alone for he can non gain the deepness. the emotions. the sentiment and the baronial feelings that surge in that bosom. His bosom is dead. a mere ball of flesh. devoid of feelings. His strong beliefs are decrepit. his emotions lame. His selfish involvements have made him incapable of seeing the truth. The epithet ‘vanity’ is ever hurled at the strength we get from our strong beliefs.

You go against popular feelings ; you criticise a hero. a great adult male who is by and large believed to be above unfavorable judgment. What happens? No 1 will reply your statements in a rational manner ; instead you will be considered big. Its ground is mental boringness. Merciless unfavorable judgment and independent thought are the two necessary traits of radical thought. As Mahatmaji is great. he is above unfavorable judgment ; as he has risen above. all that he says in the field of political relations. faith. Ethical motives is right. You agree or non. it is adhering upon you to take it as truth. This is non constructive thought. We do non take a leap forward ; we go many stairss back.

Our sires evolved religion in some sort of Supreme Being. hence. one who ventures to dispute the cogency of that religion or denies the being of God. shall be called a Kafir ( heathen ) . or a renegade. Even if his statements are so strong that it is impossible to rebut them. if his spirit is so strong that he can non be bowed down by the menaces of bad luck that may bechance him through the wrath of the Almighty. he shall be decried as big. Then why should we blow our clip in such treatments? This inquiry has come before the people for the first clip. hence the necessity and utility of such long treatments.

Equally far as the first inquiry is concerned. I think I have made it clear that I did non turn atheist because of amour propre. Merely my readers. non I. can make up one’s mind whether my statements carry weight. If I were a truster. I know in the present fortunes my life would hold been easier ; the load igniter. My incredulity in God has turned all the fortunes excessively rough and this state of affairs can deteriorate farther. Bing a small mystical can give the fortunes a poetic bend. But I need no opiate to run into my terminal. I am a realistic adult male. I want to overmaster this inclination in me with the aid of Reason. I am non ever successful in such efforts. But it is man’s responsibility to seek and do attempts. Success depends on opportunity and fortunes.

Now we come to the 2nd inquiry: if it is non vanity. there ought to be some sound ground for rejection of antique belief in God. Yes. I come to this inquiry. I think that any adult male who has some concluding power ever tries to understand the life and people around him with the aid of this module. Where concrete cogent evidence are missing. [ mystical ] doctrine creeps in. As I have indicated. one of my radical friends used to state that “philosophy is the result of human failing. ” Our ascendants had the leisure to work out the enigmas of the universe. its yesteryear. its present and its hereafter. its wherefore and its whies. but holding been awfully short of direct cogent evidence. every one of them tried to work out the job in his ain manner. Hence we find broad differences in the basicss of assorted spiritual credos. Sometimes they take really counter and conflicting signifiers. We find differences in Oriental and Occidental doctrines. There are differences even amongst assorted schools of ideas in each hemisphere.

In Asiatic faiths. the Muslim faith is wholly incompatible with the Hindu religion. In India itself. Buddhism and Jainism are sometimes rather separate from Brahmanism. Then in Brahmanism itself. we find two conflicting religious orders: Aarya Samaj and Snatan Dheram. Charwak is yet another independent mind of the past ages. He challenged the Authority of God. All these religions differ on many cardinal inquiries. but each of them claims to be the lone true faith. This is the root of the immorality. Alternatively of developing the thoughts and experiments of ancient minds. therefore supplying ourselves with the ideological arm for the hereafter battle. – lethargic. idle. overzealous as we are – we cleaving to orthodox faith and in this manner cut down human rousing to a dead pool.

It is necessary for every individual who stands for advancement to knock every dogma of old beliefs. Item by point he has to dispute the efficaciousness of old religion. He has to analyze and understand all the inside informations. If after strict concluding. one is led to believe in any theory of doctrine. his religion is appreciated. His logical thinking may be mistaken and even unsound. But there is opportunity that he will be corrected because Reason is the steering rule of his life. But belief. I should state unsighted belief is black. It deprives a adult male of his understanding power and makes him reactionist.

Any individual who claims to be a realist has to dispute the truth of old beliefs. If religion can non defy the onslaught of ground. it collapses. After that his undertaking should be to make the basis for new doctrine. This is the negative side. After that comes in the positive work in which some stuff of the olden times can be used to build the pillars of new doctrine. Equally far as I am concerned. I admit that I lack sufficient survey in this field. I had a great desire to analyze the Oriental Philosophy. but I could acquire ample chance or sufficient clip to make so. But so far as I reject the old clip beliefs. it is non a affair of countering belief with belief. instead I can dispute the efficaciousness of old beliefs with sound statements. We believe in nature and that human advancement depends on the domination of adult male over nature. There is no witting power behind it. This is our doctrine.

Bing atheist. I ask a few inquiries from theists:

1. If. as you believe there is an Almighty. Omnipresent. Omniscient God. who created the Earth or existence. delight allow me cognize. first of all. as to why he created this universe. This universe which is full of suffering and heartache. and infinite wretchednesss. where non even one individual lives in peace.

2. Pray. don’t say it is His jurisprudence. If He is bound by any jurisprudence. He is non Omnipotent. Don’t say it is His pleasance. Nero burnt one Rome. He killed a really limited figure of people. He caused merely a few calamities. all for his morbid enjoyment. But what is his topographic point in history? By what names do we retrieve him? All the belittling names are hurled at him. Pages are blackened with invective fulminations reprobating Lucius domitius ahenobarbus: the autocrat. the heartless. the wicked.

One Genghis Khan killed a few thousand people to seek pleasance in it and we hate the really name. Now. how will you warrant your all powerful. ageless Nero. who every twenty-four hours. every minute continues his interest of killing people? How can you back up his behaviors which surpass those of Genghis Khan in inhuman treatment and in wretchedness inflicted upon people? I ask why the Almighty created this universe which is nil but a life snake pit. a topographic point of changeless and acrimonious agitation. Why did he make adult male when he had the power non to make so?

Have you any answer to these inquiries? You will state that it is to honor the sick person and penalize the sinner in the afterlife. Well. good. how far will you warrant a adult male who foremost of all inflicts hurts on your organic structure and so applies soft and soothing unction on them? How far the protagonists and organisers of Gladiator turns were justified in throwing work forces before half starved king of beastss. subsequently to be cared for and looked after good if they escaped this atrocious decease. That is why I ask: Was the creative activity of adult male intended to deduce this sort of pleasance?

Open your eyes and see 1000000s of people deceasing of hungriness in slums and huts dirtier than the inexorable keeps of prisons ; merely see the laborers patiently or state apathetically while the rich lamias suck their blood ; convey to mind the wastage of human energy that will do a adult male with a small common sense tremble in horror. Just observe rich states throwing their excess bring forth into the sea alternatively of administering it among the needy and deprived. There are castles of male monarchs built upon the foundations laid with human castanetss. Let them see all this and state “All is good in God’s Kingdom. ” Why so? This is my inquiry. You are soundless. All right. I proceed to my following point.

You. the Hindus. would state: Whosoever undergoes agonies in this life. must hold been a evildoer in his old birth. It is equivalent to stating that those who are oppressors now were Godly people so. in their old births. For this ground entirely they hold power in their custodies. Let me state it obviously that your ascendants were astute people. They were ever in hunt of junior-grade frauds to play upon people and bit from them the power of Reason. Let us analyze how much this statement carries weight!

Those who are good versed in the doctrine of Jurisprudence relate three of four justifications for the penalty that is to be inflicted upon a wrong-doer. These are: retaliation. reform. and disincentive. The Retribution Theory is now condemned by all the minds. Deterrent theory is on the anvil for its defects. Reformative theory is now widely accepted and considered to be necessary for human advancement. It aims at reforming the perpetrator and change overing him into a peaceable citizen. But what in kernel is God’s Punishment even if it is inflicted on a individual who has truly done some injury? For the interest of statement we agree for a minute that a individual committed some offense in his old birth and God punished him by altering his form into a cow. cat. tree. or any other animate being. You may recite the figure of these fluctuations in Godly Punishment to be at least 84 deficiency. State me. has this folly. perpetrated in the name of penalty. any reformatory consequence on human adult male?

How many of them have you met who were donkeys in their old births for holding committed any wickedness? Absolutely no 1 of this kind! The so called theory of ‘Puranas’ ( transmigration ) is nil but a fairy-tale. I do non hold any purpose to convey this ineffable rubbish under treatment. Make you truly know the most curst wickedness in this universe is to be hapless? Yes. poorness is a wickedness ; it is a penalty! Cursed be the theoretician. legal expert or legislator who proposes such steps as push adult male into the morass of more flagitious wickednesss. Make it non happen to your All Knowing God or he could larn the truth merely after 1000000s had undergone untold agonies and adversities? What. harmonizing to your theory. is the destiny of a individual who. by no wickedness of his ain. has been born into a household of low caste people? He is hapless so he can non travel to a school.

It is his destiny to be shunned and hated by those who are born into a high caste. His ignorance. his poorness. and the disdain he receives from others will indurate his bosom towards society. Supposing that he commits a wickedness. who shall bear the effects? God. or he. or the erudite people of that society? What is your position about those penalties inflicted on the people who were intentionally kept ignorant by selfish and proud Brahmans? If by opportunity these hapless animals heard a few words of your sacred books. Vedas. these Brahmans poured liquid lead into their ears. If they committed any wickedness. who was to be held responsible? Who was to bear the brunt? My beloved friends. these theories have been coined by the privileged categories.

They try to warrant the power they have usurped and the wealths they have robbed with the aid of such theories. Possibly it was the author Upton Sinclair who wrote ( Bhagat Singh is mentioning to Sinclair’s booklet ‘Profits of Religion’ – MIA transcriber ) someplace “only do a adult male house truster in the immortality of psyche. so rob him of all that he possesses. He will willingly aid you in the procedure. ” The soiled confederation between spiritual sermonizers and owners of power brought the blessing of prisons. gallows. knouts and above all such theories for the world.

I ask why your Omnipotent God does non keep a adult male back when he is about to perpetrate a wickedness or offense. It is child’s drama for God. Why did He non kill war Godheads? Why did He non kill the rage of war from their heads? In this manner He could hold saved humanity of many a great catastrophe and horror. Why does He non inculcate humanistic sentiments into the heads of the Britishers so that they may volitionally go forth India? I ask why He does non make full the Black Marias of all capitalist categories with selfless humanitarianism that prompts them to give up personal ownership of the agencies of production and this will liberate the whole labouring humanity from the bonds of money. You want to reason the practicableness of Socialist theory. I leave it to your Almighty God to implement it.

Common people understand the virtues of Socialist theory every bit far as general public assistance is concerned but they oppose it under the stalking-horse that it can non be implemented. Let the Almighty measure in and arrange things in a proper manner. No more logic chopping! I tell you that the British regulation is non at that place because God willed it but for the ground that we lack the will and courage to oppose it. Not that they are maintaining us under subjection with the consent of God. but it is with the force of guns and rifles. bombs and slugs. constabulary and reserves. and above all because of our apathy that they are successfully perpetrating the most distressing wickedness. that is. the development of one state by another. Where is God? What is He making? Is He acquiring a morbid pleasance out of it? A Lucius domitius ahenobarbus! A Genghis Khan! Down with Him!

Now another piece of manufactured logic! You ask me how I will explicate the beginning of this universe and beginning of adult male. Charles Darwin has tried to throw some visible radiation on this topic. Analyze his book. Besides. hold a expression at Sohan Swami’s “Commonsense. ” You will acquire a satisfactory reply. This subject is concerned with Biology and Natural History. This is a phenomenon of nature. The inadvertent mixture of different substances in the signifier of Nebulae gave birth to this Earth. When? Study history to cognize this. The same procedure caused the development of animate beings and in the long tally that of adult male. Read Darwin’s ‘Origin of Species. ’ All the ulterior advancement is due to man’s changeless struggle with nature and his attempts to use nature for his ain benefit. This is the briefest study of this phenomenon.

Your following inquiry will be why a kid is born blind or cripple even if he was non a evildoer in his old birth. This job has been explained in a satisfactory mode by life scientists as a mere biological phenomenon. Harmonizing to them the whole load rests upon the shoulders of parents whose witting or unconscious workss caused mutilation of the kid prior to his birth.

You may thrust yet another inquiry at me. though it is simply infantile. The inquiry is: If God does non truly be. why do people come to believe in Him? Brief and concise my reply will be. As they come to believe in shades. and evil liquors. so they besides evolve a sort of belief in God: the lone difference being that God is about a cosmopolitan phenomenon and good developed theological doctrine. However. I do differ with extremist doctrine. It attributes His beginning to the inventiveness of users who wanted to maintain the people under their subjection by prophesying the being of a Supreme Being ; therefore claimed an authorization and countenance from Him for their privileged place. I do non differ on the indispensable point that all faiths. religions. theological doctrines. and spiritual credos and all other such establishments in the long tally become protagonists of the oppressive and exploiting establishments. work forces and categories. Rebellion against any male monarch has ever been a wickedness in every faith.

As respect the beginning of God. my idea is that adult male created God in his imaginativeness when he realized his failings. restrictions and defects. In this manner he got the bravery to confront all the seeking fortunes and to run into all dangers that might happen in his life and besides to keep his effusions in prosperity and richness. God. with his capricious Torahs and parental generousness was painted with varicolored colorss of imaginativeness. He was used as a hindrance factor when his rage and his Torahs were repeatedly propagated so that adult male might non go a danger to society. He was the call of the hard-pressed psyche for he was believed to stand as male parent and female parent. sister and brother. brother and friend when in clip of hurt a adult male was left entirely and incapacitated. He was Almighty and could make anything. The thought of God is helpful to a adult male in hurt.

Society must contend against this belief in God as it fought against idol worship and other narrow constructs of faith. In this manner adult male will seek to stand on his pess. Being realistic. he will hold to throw his religion aside and face all antagonists with bravery and heroism. That is precisely my province of head. My friends. it is non my amour propre ; it is my manner of thought that has made me an atheist. I don’t think that by beef uping my belief in God and by offering supplications to Him every twenty-four hours. ( this I consider to be the most debauched act on the portion of adult male ) I can convey betterment in my state of affairs. nor can I farther deteriorate it. I have read of many atheists confronting all problems boldly. so I am seeking to stand like a adult male with the caput high and vertical to the last ; even on the gallows.

Let us see how firm I am. One of my friends asked me to pray. When informed of my godlessness. he said. “When your last yearss come. you will get down to believe. ” I said. “No. beloved sir. Never shall it go on. I consider it to be an act of debasement and demoralization. For such junior-grade selfish motivations. I shall ne’er pray. ” Reader and friends. is it amour propre? If it is. I stand for it.

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