Why are Clothes So Important?

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Classification Essay.

Every time you come into a restaurant, a bar, or just look at people walking in the street hurrying back and forward, what you always pay attention to is the way they are dressed. There are million other features which people possess but for some reasons, in the crowd which you see in front of your eyes, you always identify people who are dressed well or those in the clothes of whom there are some unusual features. Why are clothes so important? Perhaps it’s because they show the personality of the person very well. The clothes one wears just reflect the inner world of every person. You don’t have to talk to him too much, just take a look at him, and clothes will tell you very much about the owners of these clothes. Whenever you walk in the street, it strikes you very much that people seem to divide into 3 groups according to the style of clothes they are dressed in. Let’s take a look at those groups and determine what the main features of personality are common for those people. The main types of people include conservative type, fashion-driven type, and ignorant type.

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No matter what street you pick up to do your research, you always come across conservative people. They are everywhere, and their clothes show their personality perfectly. It does not mean that conservative people dress in old clothes- not at all. They just follow the traditional, classic style in clothes during their whole life. Look at them- they understand that there is fashion but they also know that fashion changes very soon. Besides, they are positive that some tendencies in fashion are simply not appropriate for them. Such ladies like to wear classic high-heeled shoes which have always been fashionable, for many, many years. They look just as beautiful now as they looked 30 years ago. They are just classic, and you admire them from the first sight. They don’t care about new styles of heels which have been introduced lately and have some new features, and change every single season. Conservative ladies are sure of themselves and they do not need any awkward-looking type of heels in order to express themselves. They also like to wear pretty business suits which have always been fashionable because they are classic. Look around- there are plenty of such ladies rushing to work. And they all look very proud of their style. They know that the way they look in classic clothes is the best, and unfortunately, modern world hasn’t introduced any inventions yet which will beat the classic style. Classic style tells about the person wearing it that he or she is confident in himself, knows in what they look best without the need to try on million clothes of the latest fashion. They know that nothing can beat the classic style anyway.

Another group of people whom you can pick up in the street easily are fashion-driven people. They can be noticed right away because their clothes have so many new features. They can choose any possible style available in fashion now, but you will notice at once that those people have been walking in the stores in search of new clothes during their whole life. They do not care about the classic style. It’s not for them because they think it’s so boring. They need change in their lives, and they want to change their wardrobe even every day just to make sure they are in the fashion-flow. Fashion-driven people are very well-noticeable in the street because they are not afraid to try all the new styles of clothes, and you pick them out of the crowd right away. Here you see some pretty girl who is wearing a black bra under the transparent white shirt. Classic ladies would never allow themselves to do that, but fashion-driven people do not care. They know that fashion says it’s sexy and beautiful, and they are going to wear that no matter where they go. If you take a closer look at the people waking in the street, you can see somebody wearing a skirt cut in a very unique way in the bottom, or shoes which some unique heels, or leather pants of some unbelievable shape which outline the figure and also bear some unusual features, or pants with lots of embroidery and some unique style, or some unique belt. If you pretty positive you saw those clothes in the latest fashion magazines, you can be sure the person you see now is a fashion-driven type.

The last group of people you see in the street is ignorant type. You notice them in the crowd after some investigation because they are not very noticeable. They are those who pick neither classic nor fashion style. They simply do not care what they look like. They can be wearing clothes which belonged to their parents long ago simply because they do not care what they look like. Such people usually dress in clothes of not very bright colors, their favorites are usually grey, brown, or black. They just do not need to be noticed. If the fashion-driven type of person is going to wear the brightest colors of clothes and even look like a rainbow if fashion dictates that, ignorant people will never do that. All they want to do is not to be seen by other people. They will dress in common gray pants and a shirt of the some ordinary color, and it will be even hard to tell a lady from a man in such a way because they will be so much alike. Such people think that their inner world is much more important than the way they dress. They do not look through fashion magazines, do not have their own style. They just want to be a part of a crowd, they do not want to be distinguished from it.

It’s the choice of every person how to dress. The mentioned types of people based on the style of dress they wear are very common for every place. You can tell a lot about the person’s personality when analyzing his or her clothes. The most interested in fashion type of fashion-driven type. They want to know everything about the last fashion inventions and follow all of the rules fashion puts in front of them. Conservative people look great every day because they wear classic clothes and are proud of their choice. Ignorant people struggle against fashion, and think that their inner world is much more important than the way the dress. One is free to choose any style he likes, and he will fit into those 3 categories anyway.


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