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Why Wear Clothes?

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“Clothes make the man” was what Shakespeare said in Hamlet, clothing and personality go along together, I believe that what a person looks on the outside resembles how he or she is as a person on the inside. Upon observation, much speculation are made about a person based on what he or she wears, or how he or she dresses is likely.

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Why Wear Clothes?
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Just like emotions, one can look at a person’s clothing and somewhat foreshadow what that person will be like.

Clothing, if read properly, can uncover a wide range of things, such as inner thoughts, habits, values, personal memories and personality traits. For example, by simply observing a specific clothing, such as T- shirt, I am able to gain a vivid picture of the person who wears it.

Clothing reflects personality, because people usually wear what they like and what make them feel good about themselves. In this day and age, it is very hard to keep up with each generation’s trend, be it on how I carry myself through my clothes or how I represent myself through my personality.

Each person or group has his or her own style. The styles of clothing reflect their way of life. If one plays sports, he or she tends to be more casual in their choice of clothes. If one socializes with a snobbish crowd, he or she tends to be meticulous in choosing clothes. People have their own preference in attire based on their personality.

The need for clothing is one of life’s bare necessities. How we choose to wear it, defines the kind of person we are or even our status in society. As people develop, the requirements in clothing changes in order to meet physical and psychological needs of the specific age group. These requirements of the age group must also take into account the properties and design of the textiles as well as cost, construction and durability.

Clothing is needed for many reasons, but the three main reasons are for protection against the cold, concealing our body for modesty purposes and lastly as means of.

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