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Why Cats are Better Than Dogs

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    Both cats and dogs are very adorable companions of humans. It is very difficult for me to evaluate one of them to choose as an ideal for you. Both have different physiology, personality, and nature to suit different people. It all depends upon your choice!

    Personal Space

    Dogs are bulky and require vast space to maintain their instincts. On the other hand, cats require a little space to live and play. Dogs require at least a small house having bedding material in it and other basic needs, if a dog is living with you in your room then you must have noticed that they require a lot of space to sleep and play. In case of a cat, they don’t require too much space to sleep with you. According to my personal experience, you don’t even know that a cat is sleeping in your blanket near your feet. They also don’t need too much space to play and enjoy. They happily live and enjoy in your apartment or your living room.

    Sleeping Habits

    We all know that dogs are very good night watchers. They can protect your home at night, however, cats are very sleepy and they can sleep 12 to 16 hours a day. It is also a good point for those who work in the offices and don’t have much time to enjoy with your pets.

    Carbon Footprints

    Cats are smaller and require much less amount of resources to consume, On the other hand, dogs deplete resources in a much larger amount. On average, a medium-sized dog has a twice footprint as much as a cat.

    Slobbering Habits

    You may have seen a cat or a dog drinking water and concluded that they drink water in a much similar way. But the reality is far behind, Dogs splash water surface with their tongue and pull water upward as much as ten times stronger force than gravity without making a canal-like way. On the other hand, cats are pretty efficient in drinking water; they roll their tongue and pull water upward by using a double force than gravity. In this way, cats consume resources much efficiently.

    Budget for the Pet

    Buying a kitten is much cheaper than buying a puppy. On an average, the price of a kitten ranges from $32 to $270, however, a puppy costs from $115 to $650 to a buyer, depending upon the breed. Besides their initial cost, they also need food, supplements, toys and time. Cat toys are cheap as they don’t have to bear so much stress by the animal, however, dog toys are made tough which make their cost higher.

    Intelligence Level of Owner

    According to a recent study in the Carroll University of Wisconsin, Cat owners are much more intelligent than dog owners. They conducted this study under two labels of “Cat People” and “Dog People”. Their results show that “cat people” scored more in intelligence than “dog people”. It doesn’t mean that people who own a dog are not intelligent, but, it is an instinct that intelligent people choose cat as a pet. This study was conducted on a general basis; not to discourage or change the habits of owning a pet.


    Dogs are stinky and have a peculiar smell, especially those, who are living in mud environments. This is due to their grooming habits. Their toys also smell like a carcass, rotten meat or poop. This all is due to their instinctive behaviour of playing in the mud and other unhygienic environments. You always need grooming and a bath at least twice in a week to keep your dog healthy and clean. On the other hand, cats don’t need much grooming as they can do it on their own. This is also due to their habits to be clean. You only need brushing, occasionally and bathing once a week. If you are not able to do that, don’t worry, they’ll be able to manage all that.

    Cleaning Complications

    The most important thing for pet owners is the litter of their pets. You have to make them learn your pet to pee or poop in the litter boxes. Dogs are not so well developed in these household scenarios and they can also disagree with your recommendations of litter boxes. Cats become well adapted to the internal environments of a house and follow all the rules of their owners.

    This all is also due to their instinct of remaining clean. They also burn their pee and poop in the natural conditions, so that any predator may not get into their place.


    Exercise is very important for any animal to remain healthy and function normally. Dogs require a quite solid exercise to maintain their normal body functions. Their exercise duration depends upon the breed and the age of the animal. On average, they require at least twenty to thirty minutes’ walk daily, which is very difficult for office persons. On the other side, a cat doesn’t need much exercise and a cat completes its daily exercise need by just wondering the house and chasing objects. There is no need for saving time to enjoy the company of your pet in a park or roadside.

    Life and Love

    Cats live quite longer than dogs. On average, cats live about ten to fifteen years, however, dogs live eight to ten years depending on their breed. While in case of quality of life cats are again on the top, they love human more than food. They also enjoy the company of people and always ready for orders from his owner. Although, there was a misconception that cats only need food and not human it is only a piece of trash. Recent studies have shown that cats love human more than other animals.

    Which one is better? A cat? Or A dog?

    It is a very difficult question for me to answer. Both furry creatures have their specialities and you can’t say that anyone of them is inferior or the other is superior. All depend upon your need and love toward animals. However, cats are better for you if you have a sluggish lifestyle like me J.

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