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My name is Dominik and the topic i’m going to be talking about is entrepreneurs. Incase you didn’t know what an entrepreneur is, it’s pretty much a person that starts their own business . If you didn’t know there is an 8 year old youtuber named EvanTubeHD and he makes somewhere between $9.2K – $147.3K a month just off of making youtube videos. For the reasons I’ll be sharing with you today why I think more young adults /kids should be encouraged to become young entrepreneurs.

One reason I believe that entrepreneurship should be encouraged in kids/ young adults is it would help develop a strong financial base for when they get older. If they already have this financial base they wouldn’t have to worry as much about finding a job or even working multiple jobs at once when they’re older..They probably wouldn’t have to work at all honestly. For example, Steve jobs and his friend steve Wozniak started Apple when he was about 21 years old. Although 21 isn’t that young, it also isn’t that old. Off of apple steve jobs has made billions of dollars. For a 21 year old i’d say that’s pretty good. Since he was already making billions he could’ve retired whenever he wanted to. There is another young entrepreneur named Robert Nay and at 14 years old he Designed an app called bubble ball. According to www.entrepreneur.com he racked in about 2 million dollars in first 2 weeks of the app being Launched. He is considered to be an “overnight sensation”.

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In a way it can also give you a head start. If parents encouraged entrepreneurship in their children it could give them more time to make money that they can put away until their older. If that were to happen they wouldn’t have to work nearly as much as a regular person. When an entrepreneur starts their business, they make about $5 an hour. They make roughly $10,400 per year. When you do the math, if someone our age (12, and 13 ) started their business, by the time they were 18 they’d have made $52,000. Thats a lot of money to have as an 18 year old. But that’s only on a starting salary. If your business continues to grow then you could possibly be making more than that which would be even better.

Lastly, I believe entrepreneurship should be encouraged in young adults because it can teach you the social skills you’ll need in your adulthood. If you were to start a business you won´t never just be sitting in an office all day isolated. You´re eventually going to have to hire workers because whatever you’re doing is most likely not gonna be able to be done by yourself. Having better social skills could also help you learn to communicate in different ways with different types of people.If you learn better social skills at a young age then you’re communication would be easier and more efficient with others.

I do agree that parents should be the ones working. Although some people may think that children worried about making money at a young age could interrupt the development of a child’s brain. In some cases that may be true. I can understand what people are think because there

are actors that were worrying about money as kids and their mind wasn’t fully developed which led to bad decisions being made. Those decisions led to even worse consequences. But the only reason this happened was because they let it get to them and were being irresponsible. Although this wouldn’t be the same in everyones case, people who aren’t mentally sane enough might have that experience.

For all of the reason listed, I believe that entrepreneurship should be encouraged more in kids. I hope this information persuades you to become an entrepreneur. There are many positives that can come out of being a child entrepreneur.

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