Why I Fit Fashion Business Management Degree Program

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The first thing that comes to mind, when thinking of what fashion means to me is the empowerment fashion gives to everyone. Fashion allows people to express themselves through their own style and has the ability to change one’s perspective on society’s acceptance of individualism. Fashion breeds individualism, it has allowed me to feel confident and powerful in my own skin. As I have grown, I have been interested in fashion magazines, trends, and fashion shows like NYFW. When I look at designs and the marketing that goes along with it I often think how I could incorporate what I like into my own look and how the business of fashion works. I have embraced my own style rather than falling into pressures of conformity.

The fashion business management degree program compiles my interests in all areas of the industry including: designing, manufacturing, producing, retailing and learning strategies for marketing using innovation and critical thinking skills. FIT offers me the opportunity to learn all aspects of the industry and to expand my creative and business skills.

While in high school I became a member of the Art Honor Society. Working on art projects expanded my creative side while giving me the opportunity to learn from others and to push myself in new areas. Such as being avidly involved in our society magazine, Kaleidoscope, which included poems, fashion excerpts, drawings and news on fashion trends around the globe. Embracing other cultures expands our view of the world. I have excelled in AP Spanish throughout high school and I believe it has helped increase my awareness of different cultures. While Art and Spanish remain interests for me, I know that fashion is the overall area that I want to pursue, as it feels a part of every inch of my life and incorporates my other interests.

One of the most enriching experiences has been interning at the Fashion Foundation, as it helped me develop a foundation of skills needed to prevail in the fashion business. Designers, retailers and individuals donate their samples, Which then are sold at a fraction of the retail cost on a website and in a showroom. With the funds raised from sales, donations and fundraisers, the foundation buys schools the supplies their students need and can not afford. I gained hands-on experience while using my love of consignment to help those in need both online and in- store. I also gained motivation in a competitive environment through collaboration rather than counter action and was able to work with designers furthering my knowledge of the industry.

New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology is where I see myself doing what I love. After taking classes at FIT and LIM in fashion merchandising, it was clear to me that FIT is a perfect fit, allowing me to start studying what I know I have a passion for right away. The business management program offers the opportunity to learn in a creative environment where imagination and creativity are encouraged. I believe my skills will be challenged as I learn all aspects of the industry in a collaborative environment. My positive mindset, a love of fashion and the desire to expand my creative and business skills make me a strong candidate for FIT Fashion Business Management degree program. 

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