Why I Want to Be an Army Officer

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The author of the text explains that they have two main reasons for wanting to become an Officer. Firstly, they want to make a difference in the training of Reserve Soldiers, which they believe they can do due to their experience as a Noncommissioned Officer and their teaching background. Secondly, they enjoy challenges and believe that becoming an Officer would be a new challenge they could excel in. They have been in the United States Army Reserves for almost ten years and have been deployed to Iraq in 2003. They believe that becoming a Commissioned Officer would allow them to apply their knowledge and experience to the operations side of the Army and would be a challenge they would like to accept.

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My motivation to become an Officer stems from two primary reasons. Firstly, I aim to have a positive influence on the training of Reserve Soldiers. Secondly, I thrive on challenges and firmly believe that taking on the position of an Officer would present me with a fresh and substantial challenge in which I am assured of my success.

Over the course of nearly a decade, I have been part of the United States Army Reserves and have gained extensive expertise as a 12N. In 2003, I was deployed to Iraq. One of the most fulfilling aspects of my role is training soldiers. Throughout my years of service, I have had valuable chances to both observe and participate in training and missions as an enlisted soldier.

As a Reserve Soldier, I have vivid memories of the struggles and obstacles encountered during missions. A mentor once advised me that the most effective approach to conquering these hardships is through advancing in rank, which has become my ultimate objective. Nevertheless, I must confess that I am not yet fully comprehending all the responsibilities entailed in becoming a Commissioned Officer.

As the person in charge of planning, I take full responsibility for the majority of tasks. With my teaching background and military experience as a soldier and Noncommissioned Officer, I possess the skills to improve the importance and worth of battle assemblies for all soldiers. I am personally aware of what soldiers find enjoyable and have many excellent ideas that will undoubtedly elevate morale in any unit where I serve. My dedication to serving in the United States Army is strongly ingrained, and I wholeheartedly uphold its values.

I take pleasure in acquiring new abilities and facing challenges. Becoming a Commissioned Officer would allow me to utilize my expertise and experience in the Army’s operations sector, ultimately benefiting the Army through my ambition and resolve. Embracing the opportunity of becoming a Commissioned Officer is a goal I aspire to achieve.

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