Why I Want to Join the Club?

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The author desires to join a club where they can improve their personal and professional skills and increase their global exposure. They hope to develop strong leadership skills and take responsibility for their actions. The author identifies their strengths as being able to focus on tasks, quick decision making, and working well with others. Their goal for the next 5 years is to graduate from university and contribute to society while continually learning and achieving personal targets. They believe that great leaders are made through creativity, innovation, and respect from their followers.

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lI want to be in an environment where I can discover more about me, contribute, learn, grow, and brush up my communication skills. Besides that, I believe that the club will definitely give me the opportunity to increase my global exposure and experience and expanding global network. I wish i can develop outstanding leadership in the club, learning how to grow and take responsibility. One of my strength is ability to focus on the job at hand and I prefer to complete my task well ahead of schedule.

My another strength is not being critical and over-analyzing yet respond quickly and effectively in decision-making. The third strength is my ability to work with all different kinds of people. I enjoy learning from everyone I meet. My goal for the next 5 years is successfully graduated from university and with the knowledge that I’m going to learn in the university and the positive attitude that I have, make use of it and contribute to the society.

I will not stop learning and I will serve at the same time acquiring new knowledge and achieve every target that i set for myself. I’ve always trusted that great leaders bred, not born. Leadership is a quality where a person stands out and take the responsibility not only for himself/herself but for the others and bring positive energy for others. A good leader can be shown through his/her ability in thinking, creativity, innovation, warring. On top of that, a good leader not only have to be impartial towards his/her follower but respected by all his/her followers.

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