Why I Want to Join the Club?

lI want to be in an environment where I can discover more about me, contribute, learn, grow, and brush up my communication skills. Besides that, I believe that the club will definitely give me the opportunity to increase my global exposure and experience and expanding global network. I wish i can develop outstanding leadership in the club, learning how to grow and take responsibility. One of my strength is ability to focus on the job at hand and I prefer to complete my task well ahead of schedule.

My another strength is not being critical and over-analyzing yet respond quickly and effectively in decision-making. The third strength is my ability to work with all different kinds of people. I enjoy learning from everyone I meet. My goal for the next 5 years is successfully graduated from university and with the knowledge that I’m going to learn in the university and the positive attitude that I have, make use of it and contribute to the society.

I will not stop learning and I will serve at the same time acquiring new knowledge and achieve every target that i set for myself. I’ve always trusted that great leaders bred, not born. Leadership is a quality where a person stands out and take the responsibility not only for himself/herself but for the others and bring positive energy for others. A good leader can be shown through his/her ability in thinking, creativity, innovation, warring. On top of that, a good leader not only have to be impartial towards his/her follower but respected by all his/her followers.

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