Why I Would Be a Good Addition to the Beta Club

The first reason I would like to be in the Beta Club is I would like to help people and make the community better. I am already in Teen Advisory Board at the Cumming Library. The job of TAB members is to perform service, and plan events for the library. TAB is like the National Beta Club. I would love to be given a chance to help the Lakeside community. I want to take every opportunity I get to help the community. I am also very good at planning things which I feel would be a great skill for a Beta member. I am sure that the Beta club is a great opportunity for me to improve the school and learn a lot of new skills.

 I also enjoy meeting new people and working with others. I would love to make my ideas into reality. I already have lots of plans for the school. I also participated in many other programs. I also have plans to volunteer more. At school, I participated in Cyber Patriots and Deca. Other activities I do are swimming, and karate.

 Also, if there is something, I am good at, but if someone else is not I would help them if I can. I am also very organized, and I rarely forget important things. If there is a test, I will make sure I study for it. If an assignment is due, I will make sure to finish it. I believe this is also another great skill for a Beta member. I am on time most of the time. I am also very trustworthy. I also enjoy learning new things. I am excited about being in Lakeside’s Beta club. I hope my plans for Lakeside school become a reality. That is why I want to join the Beta Club.

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