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Why Young People Join the Military

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Why young people join the military Sarah Palin is the governor of Alaska and is explaining in this text her point of view, and how she thinks that the youth are thinking when they enlist in the army. Her role in this topic is that she is of course a governor, but also a mother, whose son has joined the army. She has the statement that the reason why young people are choosing this, is because the American people are very patriotic and wants to protect their families.

’We find inspiration and motivation close to home, in our families, our communities, and our faith’’ page 1 l 22-23 This is what George Bush meant too. The youth who joins the army is proud young men and women who wants to protect their country, their homeland. Sarah Palin is a proud mother, and explains in the text how amazing America is, and what it is that the soldiers are protecting. ‘’So when our young men and women sacrifice to serve in the military they are doing much more than defending a piece of land.

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Why Young People Join the Military
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They are defending the idea of America itself’’ page 2 l 30-33 Compared to the text written by Jorge Mariscal, Sarah Palin is determined that young people are choosing this as a great experience, as a thing they choose of their own choice and are not forced to because of their economic circumstances. Jorge Mariscal has written the article ‘’the making of an American soldier: Why young people join the military’’, Jorge article is whole opposite of Sarah Palin’s. He claims that the young people who are choosing this path, as a soldier, are young men and women who do not have many other or better choices in their lives.

Jorge Mariscal explains how the army is focusing on the young people who comes from poor areas, and immigrants. Those with a low income and visiting areas where a lot of Latino and afro American live. They know the ‘’easy targets’’ those who are easier to persuade. They do not have many other choices, especially not when they are offered an education, which their parents cannot provide. He also shares the theory about immigrants choosing the army to somehow show their support for the country, and their commitment in being American citizen.

It puts a big pressure on the immigrants, it pressures them to prove themselves in war. But it should definitely not be because of pressure that you choose the army, that is a serious choice, and you have to want to it and commit yourself to the military. In my opinion I do not think the choice of enlisting to the army has to be either the patriotic feeling or the feeling of needing to go because of the economic situation or race. Those are also some reasons, but the reasons I would say, would be just the experience.

This is a big opportunity and a big experience for the young men and women, they are going to explore the world though in war, but is getting to see more than just America. And especially the adrenalin rush you will get of being out there in the field, and just as a soldier, learning how to use big weapons and the responsibility that follows. It is good to for boys that lack discipline this is a way to gain discipline, and learn about responsibility, through this experience they all grow up fast to well-behaved and disciplined young men.

A sentence I put a lot thought into was ‘’as they did in Vietnam and again in Iraq, young women and men will serve their country. But how well will their country have served them? ’’ page 2 in text 2 l 31-32 This is a big problem when young people sacrifices their lives for their country, and do not get the all they deserve. But the question is hard to answer because everyone who serves the country needs all the respect and all the help, which the person needs.

Because after all no matter why they chose this path, they are protecting humans, and saving lives, true heroes. But the most important is that no one should feel the pressure of joining the army it should just be an opportunity for young people. The army is not a bad thing to choose as mention before, it will give discipline and a lot of big experiences. So I would it is hard to determine which are the right reason why young people join, everyone has their own story and own reason why either proving themselves, traditions from family or just a break from the everyday.

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