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A Yes for School Uniforms

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Requiring a school uniform could benefit the school as a whole.

It can better the students, the administration, and even the parents. By having a set school uniform there is less reliability on clothing and what you wear. As talked about in an article called “Uniforms for Young Children” by Global Post, by setting a school uniform you are able to minimize bullying and judgement based on socio-economic backgrounds seen through what a child is wearing. Bullying does happen because of clothing, especially in elementary and middle school.

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A Yes for School Uniforms
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Lauren Johnson, a freshman at Miami stated she was bullied because of what she wore to school in elementary school. She said that “I do believe uniforms could have helped limit the bullying i experienced. ” This is going to help lower bullying rates by limiting reasons for the bullying itself. As said by Craighton Bulger, a science teacher at Westerville Central High School, “this can limit reasons for bullying, but it won’t be eliminated.

” School uniforms also force kids to use their creativity and self expression in ways other than simply clothing. It can force them to use more expression through words.They can also learn to better express themselves through writing and art. Uniforms could also reassure that sense of belonging to a group.

It can help unite the population of the school. School uniforms could help administration and parents as well. With school uniforms there is less room to push the boundaries of what is truly appropriate for school. With a dress code the boundaries are less defined and easier to be pushed.

When standards are not properly defined it makes the likelihood of students being dressed inappropriately for school. Especially with the weather getting warmer students are more likely to want to push the limits.When students are dressed inappropriately administration must take action and address those issues. As stated by Mr.

Bulger, “that’s just awkward as a teacher to have to have that conversation. ” And by having a school uniform those problems are less likely to occur. It also helps parents when school shopping. They would no longer have to wonder if an outfit would be appropriate for school because there is a standard set uniform.

A school uniform would make these situations easier on all. W;ould better the school through the students, the administration, and the parents as well.

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