Wildlife Conservation and Threatened Species

Wildlife Conservation is where certain people work on protecting wild animals, plants, and their habitats from going extinct. You would think that conserving would only include land animals but it also can consist of ocean life. Habitat loss is mainly caused by deforestation, resulting in climate change, homeless animals and no food or shelter for animals.

Climate change in the wild is a major problem to all sorts of animals, land and ocean. Climate change is clarified that it can make things worse than cause a wildfire. It is said to cause diseases on animals. The statement “Habitats around the world are beginning to shift, shrink, melt and even disappear entirely from climate change” comes from the article “Combating Climate Change” it provides us with information that has been proven that climate change causing, droughts, storms, heat waves,warming oceans, and melting glaciers can ruin land and marine life. These types of natural disasters have also caused destruction to indegenous people and their lands back then. Habitat destruction does not also just ruin animals and where they live but it also harms their food. Take for example polar bears, they have been announced to be endangered since 2008. The reason being is due to climate change making the ice melt.

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Another way habitat loss happens without us knowing is said to be, “out right loss of habitats occurs when habitat quality is so low such that the environment is no longer usable by a given species” coming from the article “Wildlife and Climate Change.” Several other effects of climate change on wildlife are overexploitation, invasive and chemical pollution. Protecting our forests will stop climate change the most effective way. Human activities also connect to why certain habitats are being destroyed and it happens to be deforestation. The removal of trees is an automatic removal of food, shelter, and a breeding area for the wildlife. Not only does it affect animals but it also affects air quality and gives us oxygen. Already 80% of the world’s forests have been destroyed and some turned into cattle ranches which these cattle ranches now cover 80% if deforested Amazon land. Deforestation also has other serious effects like water in the atmosphere and increased greenhouse gases. It is also one of the leading reasons species go extinct.

Bushfires have become a more common thing all across the world in recent years. These types of fires are mainly caused by lightning strikes or any reason involving human activity. It has been confirmed that a total of one-billion animals were killed during the Australian bushfires. Removing a huge percentage of habitats and leaving animals who survived without a home and food. Preventing bushfires from happening is actually to clean up your yard to avoid having tall grass or any leaves around that lightning can easily get to.

In general marine life is as important to the world as is land animals. The statement “Covering over 70 percente of earth’s surface, the ocean transports heat from the equator to the poles, regulating our climate and weather patterns” comes from the article “Why Should We Care about the Ocean” this is a reason to believe that oceans reduce the chances of climate change happening. The ocean provides us with many beautiful animals to see, goods and services, reducing climate change, and even transporting goods from other countries. Ocean water may not be as clean as it should be but some people, living on dry lands, rely on it to be used as a beverage. A great way to remind everyone of why oceans is to quote “Every second breath we take comes from the ocean ” coming the article “Protecting Our Oceans” this can be a really great motto for us to use in order to grow our hopes in helping the ocean itself and its life. Wildlife Conservation is where certain people work to protect species and their habitats from going extinct. It includes protecting forests from deforestation, degradation and fragmentation. Conserving our wildlife comes with so many benefits but with very little help from people. “By conserving wildlife we’re ensuring that future generations can enjoy our natural world and the incredible species that live within it” is mentioned in the article “Understanding Conservation” this statement provides a good reason as to why we should all be educated on this specific topic.

Wildlife conservation not only includes protecting animals and their habitats but also plants! Plants get threatened to go extinct as much as animals do in the wild. The statement “if we can save wild plants, many of them can be chosen as cornerstones for the development of biodegradable pesticides” from an article called “The Reason Why Wildlife Conservation Is Important.” Plants also have a part in being conserved, they don’t just give our planet a pretty presentation but they have many other benefits. For example, native plants provide food for our animals and some medicines include native plants in them. The phrase “They are ecological basis upon which life depends, including birds and people” coming from the article “Why Native Plants Matter” is explaining to us that not only do they imply t birds but to people too. The statement “plant native flowers, trees, and bushes in your backyard. This gives local wild animals food, shelter and a place to raise families” which is a great example to teach us a way we can help save these animals and plants from going extinct and it’s literally helping conserve wildlife right from your own backyard.

Humans have a huge responsibility to why most of the animals and their habitats are becoming and have become extinct. Many of what they’re doing is more of deforestation and with deforestation causing climate change in the beginning it really puts animals in a very tough situation to survive. The statement “Humans threaten wildlife through harassment, habitat degradation, encroachment and destruction cruel and irresponsible hunting and trapping, capture and killing for profit, incidental poisoning and vehicle strikes and culling” coming from the article “Endangered Species” it shows that humans don’t know how to act with animals and all they do is harm them.

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