Wolfgang’s Balancing Act Essay

They should move the percentage of fixed and variable pay from international standardized to Japanese local role - Wolfgang’s Balancing Act Essay introduction. From the article we can learn that the Japanese head of HR healthcare was not happy with the global performance system but did not really engage in discussions about how to improve or adapt the system. This is very Japanese-style, Japanese people are not asking a lot, and it is responsible of manager to figure their un-satisfaction. >> Also the individual and my unit component should also adopt the way local people do. As the article states, it is difficult for the HR to variable pay base on individual performance in Japan. It is also a big issue if they keep using the international standardized policy. It is a lot easier for letting the local Japanese to do it. 2.

They can delete the fringe benefits. Because if you hire people in Japan, you need never worry about their working attitude. They won’t ask a lot for fringe benefits, you don’t need get them variable pay based on performance, because they will do their best anyway. They can also add compensation for special needs. Japanese people will appreciate if you help him/her. You pay not a lot for those special need, but the people who get paid will motivated a lot to do better job. 3.

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Yes, they should change the percentage of salary. As the article says, the German didn’t agree to the system of 65percent fixed and 35 percent performance based on pay. They are panicked on losing almost half of their salaries. Some people, like German and Japanese, are different from most western people. They are very serious people, when they think “depend on performance”, they might think they need very very perfect performance. They will be always worrying about it, as consequence, the panic will lead a bad result on their work. > Most Japanese or German will take their job very serious, no matter how you pay them. They have very good attitude even if you pay them fixed salary.

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