Management as Balancing on a Tightrope: A Manager’s Dilemma

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Management is defined as the procedure of puting and accomplishing ends through The execution of some basic direction map. These map include planning. Organization. taking and commanding. By utilizing these cardinal tools. Wong Loh director of Andy’s poulet eating house can run the eating house better and successfully. In this instance Wong Loh received several ailments from clients about slow service until Customer Numberss were addition. So. as a eating house director Wong Loh take stairss to Improve service and run the eating house better.


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The aim of this job is Wong Loh director of Andy’s poulet Restaurant receive some ailments from client about slow service and how to Better and work out this job. By be aftering decently. one will invent a proposal for Organizational activities necessary to make due aims. During procedure. one demand to Address a few consecutive forward inquiries:

  1. What does the director want to make to run the eating house better?
  2. What are the best options?
  3. Which factors can assist or detain the concern in making the ends?


A Manager’s DilemmaRestaurant directors work in some of the most glamourous. exciting environments you can conceive of. Bing a eating house director is a life style. non a occupation. but many successful environments. Andy’s poulet eating house in Petaling Jaya. Malaysia. is one of the many fast-food ironss in Malaysia that serves fried poulet. sandwiches. salads. drinks and side orders. The monetary values are sensible and low-cost.

For the past few hebdomads. Wong Loh. the director of the eating house. has received several ailments from clients about slow service. Although Loh did non desire to compromise the quality of the nutrient. he needed to increase service velocity. peculiarly during the busy tiffin hr. Furthermore. competition from nearby eating houses has intensified. Loh realized that he was confronting a serious job when he found out that client Numberss were diminishing. How could he run the eating house better? Put yourself in Loh’s topographic point.


A manager’s most basic duty is to concentrate people toward public presentation of work activities to accomplish desired outcomes. A director wears many chapeaus. Not merely is a director a squad leader. but he or she is besides a contriver. organiser. cheerleader. manager. job convergent thinker. and determination shaper — all rolled into one. All directors at all degrees of every organisation perform these maps. but the sum of clip a director spends on each one depends on both the degree of direction and the specific organisation.

In these instance. Wong Loh. the director of the eating house. hold to play certain functions in order to increase the Numberss of client and run the eating house better. In this state of affairs. if I’m in Loh’s topographic point. I will take some duty to accomplish the end of the eating house. The ways to accomplish the ends are: Hire more employeesIn the eating house. employees are more of import to run the eating house. If the employees non plenty engage more good employees for fast service. They can make their work easily and can pull off the clients a eating house director may be in charge of engaging new staff and terminating undesirables. particularly for the forepart of the house. Kitchen places may be filled by the caput chef. instead than general director.

Training the employee. It does non count if a peculiar fast nutrient eating house has the most astonishing preparation plan in topographic point if the squad does non take it earnestly. Often times in fast nutrient. employees are hired and merely thrown into the mix without any preparation because of deficiency of employees and the high volume that some fast-food ironss experience on a day-to-day footing. Furthermore. direction is so overwhelmed with the duties and volume of the eating house. that they merely do non hold clip to give to employee preparation. Additionally. if direction did try to concentrate on preparation. the employee turnover is so high in fast nutrient. that the preparation would about be a waste of clip and money.

The consequence of this deficiency in preparation for employees is merely hapless client service. A deficiency in preparation can do long delaies for nutrient and slow service in Loh’s eating house when an employee is non familiar with equipment. Poor preparation could do an employee to be really impersonal if they are non taught how to “interview” the client at the clip of the order. which includes reading back the order for truth. An ultimate service issue would be an employee being opprobrious to a client complaining because of a deficiency in preparation and slow service. So that. as a director of Andy’s poulet eating house Wong Loh must develop the employee to run the eating house better and achieve ends.

The public presentation ratingIn great extent. the public presentation rating standards involve employee traits such as honestness and dependableness. while the public presentation rating standards that employee behaviours such as promptness and timely completion of undertakings. every bit good as objectively quantifiable consequence and results such as gross revenues figures. in really great extent. When their public presentation is good they do their work in best manner.

The staff attitude. Everyone has heard of the stating that it takes one bad apple to botch the whole clump. and this is really true when it comes to fast nutrient eating houses. If there is one peculiar employee that has perfectly no work ethic or cares nil about the merchandise or what clients might believe. there is a great chance for the staff to follow that person’s lead. This can besides be the instance in Andy’s poulet eating house.

As I mentioned earlier. the public presentation and their behaviours is more of import to a employees when they face a client The obvious consequence of this type of behaviour infecting the remainder of the squad will do sloppiness when covering with consumers. Employees won’t truly care about order truth or whether or non the client is happy with their service. It seems like more and more. employees display a deficiency of work moral principle.

Staff Scheduling. As eating house director Wong Loh is must bear down of doing the hebdomadal agenda and doing certain all the displacements are covered peculiarly during tiffin hr because in that clip merely they confronting the job. They besides need to O.K. petitions for yearss away and make up one’s mind which staff is traveling to work the busy or slow displacements. Furthermore. work besides must split to each employee to work together.

To do the staff scheduling the director Wong Loh’s must happening the staff balance. A director has to maintain in head that a eating house agenda needs to reflect the concern demands foremost. This includes the quality of service eating house provides its invitees. every bit good as maintaining labour costs under control and can pull off the client every bit good. A large portion of this balance is achieved by suitably scheduling staff members. As a director can run into with each individual separately and speak about the person’s expected agenda and how a eating house works. Working at a eating house. in footings of hours worked. is wholly different than most other types of concerns.

Division of work. Work should be divide among persons and group to guarantee that attempt and attending are focused on particular parts of the undertaking. Loyal presented work specialisation as the best manner to utilize. In Andy’s poulet eating house. each occupation and work should be assigned by the eating house director Wong Loh to specialist of the employee’s occupation. Division of work promote efficiency because its licenses an organisational member to work in limited countrycut downing the range of workers duty.

Motivate and understand the employee. As a director Wong Loh’s must actuate to their employee and besides understand the employee. As a eating house director walk the floor often and pay attending to each employee’s public presentation. if the employee incorrect thing go over and actuate to the employee and besides understand the state of affairs. It can assist the employee to rectify.

Create wages. As a directors create wagess for their workers for put to deathing the occupation good and following employee policy. Basically. those who systematically do good acquire rewarded. Wagess might include a gift card to the eating house or a rise in wage. Then the employee can work with enthusiastic and duty. Furthermore the employee enjoy to works in Andy’s poulet eating house.

Give price reduction at forenoon and dark session. In this instance. client Numberss were addition at lunch hr merely. So Wong Loh can give price reduction at forenoon and dark session. Because the workers and the director can manage the client swimmingly. Sometime. when the clients increase the workers will panic and confused about the order and the nutrient ordered by the client may opportunity to give wrongly nutrient to client.

The conditions of eating house. If when the status of the eating house can ensue in hapless service. If equipment is outdated or rundown. clients might hold to wait longer for their order. this can do to client ailments about slow service. Employees might experience that the proprietor does non care plenty to pass money on new equipment. and. in bend. the employees adopt the same attitude toward the client. An employee views the eating house walking into work. merely as a client would when walking in to acquire an order.

If the eating house is rundown and foul. consumers can easy comprehend that the eating house as a whole is non up to par and this includes service. At lunch hr. figure of client addition so if there is non adequate installations it become defeated. As a eating house director Wong Loh can increase more counters. excess tabular arraies and chairs and moreover for childs can construct a little resort area. for grownup can set up intelligence paper reading and entree cyberspace free radio connexion ( Wi-Fi ) .

Readymade nutrient. Your to-go containers and bags should do it easy to hive away and reheat the nutrient. Wong Loh. as a eating house director can fix a readymade nutrient for client. It helps to employees for presenting the nutrient. And besides by this manner the client don’t demand to wait for long clip.

Drive-thru. Fast nutrient that lives up to its name additions more concern than fast nutrient that is really slow like Andy’s poulet eating house. Many people grab fast nutrient on the manner to work or to another finish. The ground that drive-through Windowss are popular is that people don’t even want to take the clip to acquire out of the auto. The faster a eating house can present the ordered nutrient. the happier the client is. Puting up efficient and standardised kitchens and concentrating on nutrients that can be cooked rapidly.

Made for you’ system. As a director Wong Loh can utilize this system. Because it really utile for fast service. In this system when a client places an order. the sandwich point will instantly appears in the computing machine proctor in the kitchen and a tone sound to alarm the kitchen staff. so that they can buy the nutrient in few proceedingss. By the manner. the clients don’t to wait.

Home delivering. Andy’s poulet eating house is one of the many fast-food ironss in our state that serves fried poulet. salads and side orders. So the director Wong Loh can takeout and bringing bill of fare. By the manner the client can acquire nutrient in forepart the house. It’s easy for house married woman for purchase the nutrient in their house.


Management has been identified as a systematic organic structure of cognition based on general rules. constructs. theories and techniques which are variable in footings of concern pattern. These are embodied in the managerial maps of planning. forming. staffing. directing and commanding which form the occupation of a director.

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