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The statement suggests that sexual intercourse, a human activity, can be likened to activities such as running or brushing teeth. It then asks for opinions on whether this notion is agreed with or not. Evolving world and societal perspectives have greatly affected attitudes towards sexual intercourse.

Advances in technology, like motor vehicles, birth control, and the Internet, have played a role in shaping the concepts of gender and sexuality. These changes are also influenced by economic shifts and discussions on social equality. Society’s perspectives on gender and sexuality have evolved from a Puritan belief that sex was solely for procreation to the widely accepted “Playboy” viewpoint that recognizes it as an important aspect of human connection, pleasure, and release. As a result of this shift, sexual experiences are no longer exclusive to married couples; they have become common for everyone, regardless of their relationship status or participation in casual encounters referred to as “one night stands”.

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I agree completely with the statement mentioned above. Sex is now a necessity just like the need for breathing to survive, eating, or sleeping. This essay will explore different perspectives on how I define sex as an “everyday, human activity.” It will also discuss the negative consequences that arise from uncontrolled sexual behavior. Furthermore, the essay will examine the biblical standpoint on sexual intercourse and delve into God’s true intentions behind the creation of this beautiful and natural aspect of life.

Casual sex, also known as “no strings attached” encounters, refers to sexual relations that do not involve an emotional connection or love relationship. These encounters are often brief and occur on one occasion. Casual sex is solely for physical pleasure and excludes any expectation of a relationship or emotional ties. It encompasses all types of sexual acts and can involve individuals of any sexual orientation. In its most basic form, casual sex involves encounters with complete strangers, devoid of names, personal history, or future prospects. Its purpose is to simply satisfy physical desires without fostering any kind of personal connection or relationship development.

In today’s society, casual sex is widespread, indicating a cultural change that has affected young adults in the Western world. Rather than valuing long-term and meaningful relationships with the possibility of marriage, individuals now desire to have multiple sexual partners. It is worth noting that while women in ancient times could face severe consequences like stoning for engaging in sexual immorality, our contemporary society recognizes and accepts the idea of having multiple sexual partners.

The Bible, specifically in 1 Corinthians 6:9-10, outlines certain behaviors that will hinder individuals from receiving the kingdom of God. These include sexual immorality, idolatry, adultery, male prostitution or homosexual acts, theft, greediness, drunkenness, slanderous speech, and deceitful behavior. It is worth mentioning that there is an increasing prevalence of casual sex depicted in movies, television shows and media overall. Additionally, billboards frequently display sexual references.

The underlying philosophy behind the hype is that marriage has lost its popularity and casual sex is now seen as harmless fun. It is believed that everyone is participating in it, and if you’re not, you’re missing out. So, as Nikkei would say: Just do it!

Statistics on casual sex show how prevalent sexual activities are in our society. According to the National Health Statistics Reports (Published March 2011), 8.3% of women and 21.5% of men have had 15 or more sexual partners. As people age, the number of sexual partners tends to increase; by age 24, over 14% of men and 7% of women have had at least 15 partners.

The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction found that individuals aged 18-29 engage in intercourse an average of 112 times per year, while those aged between 30-39 have an average frequency of 86 times per year.

A Dared survey conducted in 2007 revealed that one-third of participants admitted to having sex with a partner without knowing their sexual history.

Not discussing sexually transmitted diseases is considered risky behavior by these individuals. Furthermore, the survey found that 45% of participants had participated in a “one night stand” within the last year. These encounters typically take place at clubs, gas stations, or any other place where someone catches their attention. However, it is important to note that contrary to common belief, one night stands are not unusual. According to God’s plan, sex is meant to provide lifelong benefits for humanity. In order to fully experience these advantages, sexual activity should be limited to marriage.

The recommended method for practicing “safe-sex” is to refrain from engaging in sexual activity until marriage. The act of being intimate with another individual is a sacred concept that has been specifically designed by God for humans. In Genesis 2:18, God declares that it is not beneficial for man to be alone and pledges to create a suitable partner for him. Even though Adam had a close and intimate relationship with God, it was understood that he required a unique form of intimacy – one that could only be fulfilled by someone of the opposite gender. As a result, Eve was created by God.

According to Genesis 2:21-24, God formed Eve from one of Adam’s ribs while he was sleeping. Adam acknowledged that Eve was made from his own flesh and declared her to be his partner. This biblical passage emphasizes the importance of companionship for humans and discourages isolation. It also introduces sexual intercourse as a gift from God for married couples to enjoy. As Christians, it is our responsibility to cherish this precious gift in order to strengthen our bond with our spouse. Marriage is a divine union ordained by God and sex is an integral part of it. Through intimate relations, individuals can express spiritual connection, emotional closeness, intense excitement, personal satisfaction, and nurturing within their relationship.

Throughout the scriptures, it is clear that sex is intended for married couples. In Proverbs, it emphasizes that sex brings pleasure to committed individuals in a covenant marriage. According to Proverbs 5:18, “Let your fountain be blessed, and rejoice with your wife of your youth.” Additionally, Genesis 1:28 states that sex has a purpose for procreation as God blesses Adam and Eve and tells them to “Be fruitful and multiply.” Furthermore, 1 Corinthians 7:2 explicitly states that sexual relations should only occur within the confines of marriage: “But since sexual immorality is occurring, each man would have sexual relations with his own wife, and each woman with her own husband.” As beings created in God’s image, we are capable of having relationships both with others and with God. Sexuality encompasses an individual’s sexual functioning as well as their relationship as a married couple. After creating Adam and Eve, God joined them together as a married couple and commanded them to become one flesh.

The phrase “one flesh” in Genesis 2:24 underscores the powerful connection between a man and a woman, encompassing their physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects. This profound bond is demonstrated through sexual intimacy, which should epitomize genuine affection, honor, and commitment. The Bible offers valuable principles for appropriate expression of sexuality.

The importance of sex in forming a strong bond during Adam and Eve’s first marriage was emphasized by God’s instructions. In his book “The Missing Dimension in Sex,” Herbert W. Armstrong explains that God intended sex to bring about pure, righteous, clean, holy, and abundant blessings. Sex not only motivates couples to marry but also nurtures their love within marriage. However, engaging in casual sex can result in negative consequences like emotional and psychological harm, sexual violence, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and unintended pregnancy. Moreover, casual sex can lead to addiction as individuals prioritize detached intercourse as the central focus of their lives. Feelings of guilt often persist and contribute to depression over time. Additionally, those who engage in casual sex tend to display a propensity for taking risks.

Engaging in unprotected sexual encounters with strangers can result in the acquisition of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), which can have severe and life-threatening consequences. The risk of contracting these diseases is higher when having multiple sexual partners, some of whom may be fatal. Even with protection, there is still a chance for women to become pregnant. Parenthood entails significant and serious obligations, leading many women to opt for abortion as a way to avoid this responsibility.

According to the Bible, engaging in sexual activity before marriage is considered morally unacceptable for several reasons. The Bible discusses the concept of soul ties, which are spiritual connections between two individuals. Although not explicitly referred to as “soul ties,” the Bible talks about souls being knitted together and becoming one flesh. Soul ties serve various purposes but ultimately bind two souls together in the spiritual realm.

For married couples, soul ties bring them closer to each other, acting like magnets that attract one another. However, when it comes to premarital sex, soul ties can have troubling consequences. For example, an abused woman may still feel an unexplainable attraction towards the man she should naturally despise and avoid. Instead of distancing herself from him, she is drawn towards him even though he does not reciprocate her feelings of love.

In the realm of demons, there exist unholy soul ties that function as conduits for the transfer of sinister forces between individuals. Some soul ties enable one person to exert control and manipulate another, while the recipient remains oblivious or knowingly allows it to persist without any valid reason. On the other hand, godly soul ties are forged when a married couple establishes an unbreakable bond that aligns with God’s design for their union.

Participating in sexual relations that contradict religious beliefs establishes an unholy bond between souls, resulting in the fragmentation and eventual downfall of the soul. Individuals who have engaged in multiple prior relationships may encounter difficulties forming profound connections with others due to their fragmented souls. It is crucial to acknowledge that Christians are not immune to the allure of sex and can similarly find themselves ensnared in immoral conduct. Consequently, we must exercise caution when approaching sexual intercourse, refraining from treating it as a mundane activity like brushing our teeth or going for a run.

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