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Michael Grospberry, a renowned English businessman and sociologist, delivers a speech (Written Task 1) addressing inquiries from Latin school students regarding the implementation of English as a second language across all educational institutions in Latin America. The primary emphasis of his discourse lies in emphasizing the significance of attaining fluency in English.

English, the second most spoken language worldwide after Mandarin, is recognized as a lingua franca. It is used by non-native speakers across the globe and functions as a means of communication in countries where the native language is unfamiliar, enabling conversations with individuals who have knowledge of English.

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English is a language that has numerous benefits and is utilized in various sectors, including business, science, banks, technology, medicine, and tourism. Moreover, it plays a vital role in the worldwide music industry with famous musicians like the Beatles and Michael Jackson performing songs in English. It should also be noted that esteemed authors such as George Orwell have produced works in this language. The fact that nearly 2 billion individuals speak English further emphasizes its significance.

The English language is crucial in several sectors, notably the tourism industry, and it carries significant weight in English-speaking nations like the United States and Britain. The comprehensive content and user-friendly approach of English books are highly esteemed. A prime illustration can be observed in the international baccalaureate program, where students sit for Spanish exams but heavily rely on English books for subjects like chemistry and biology.

The internet plays a vital role in the widespread use of English on websites because it provides valuable information that may be unintelligible without knowledge of the language. This significance is also evident in business situations, such as a meat processing facility in Uruguay engaging in transactions with Japanese buyers. In order for both parties to effectively conduct their business operations and prevent financial losses during transactions, mutual comprehension is essential.

Teaching English to children at a young age is important as it enables effective communication and understanding. In the workplace, proficiency in English is crucial due to high job requirements that often demand additional studies and English skills. Being able to speak English sets individuals apart as valuable assets in a company, particularly when interacting with foreign colleagues or handling English documents.

Beginning to learn English at a young age is beneficial because it enables easier learning and establishes a strong base. Young children have a natural talent for quickly acquiring vocabulary, which surpasses that of adults due to their open-mindedness during this developmental stage. In contrast, adults must exert significant effort to understand the subtleties of a foreign language since they have been using their native language from birth. Moreover, adult learners face difficulties in interpreting accents, thereby making the learning journey more demanding.

Why not focus solely on creating written works and using language for communication? If you dedicate your time to building written works consistently throughout the year, it’s possible to achieve “A” grades. However, this accomplishment holds little significance unless you aspire to be an English writer. The crucial factor here is pronunciation. Having excellent pronunciation and speaking fluently are the greatest indicators of success because most employers value employees who can pronounce well. They do not prioritize the employee’s writing ability.

While writing is an important aspect of work, it may not fully showcase one’s English skills. The level of importance also varies depending on the role within a company. For example, a public relations manager should be able to communicate confidently and with a good accent, without necessarily needing to write perfectly. On the other hand, a lawyer, whose job primarily involves writing, should have a strong command of written English, although their spoken accent may not need to be as sophisticated.

What are the advantages of teaching English in primary schools for the country? Investing in education in this way offers numerous benefits. By learning another language, children develop a broader perspective and mature as individuals. They are not limited by their current level of education; instead, they tend to thrive on a global scale and expand their horizons.

Enabling children to participate in international economic movements would be beneficial for the country. In the future, a stable economy will be crucial, and teaching English to our own children would be advantageous considering that 70 countries already do so. Additionally, technology plays a pivotal role in various aspects of our lives today, including cars, computers, cell phones, and houses. Many of these technological systems are based on English language settings and user manuals. For instance, the iPhone 4s features “Siri,” a program that allows users to interact with their cellphones through questions. However, Siri only understands English with United States and United Kingdom accents and does not comprehend Spanish.

Teaching English in schools is essential because it has become a dominant language in important areas like work, technology, and the internet. Equipping children with English skills is crucial for them to navigate the globalized world they will face as adults.

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The reason for discussing this topic is because it relates to the first topic covered in our language classes, which focused on language within a cultural context. During that topic, we formed groups and presented on the use of English language in different countries. The connection to the current task is that I am examining the importance of English as a second language for primary students in a particular country. This assignment was assigned by F.I.

C (integral Christian formation) I attend a school in Carrasco that is severely impoverished. The students at this school encounter numerous obstacles in their education due to insufficient nourishment, lack of proper rest, and parental neglect. Based on my observations, the majority of students struggle to make significant academic progress, with only a select few demonstrating exceptional dedication. In my view, it is crucial for these students to attain fluency in English as effective communication plays a vital role in mutual comprehension.

This text aims to open the minds of both junior high school students and parents in Uruguay. It recognizes that there is a strong belief in nationalism in Uruguay, which often leads to a narrow perspective. The article emphasizes the importance of considering the global situation and its influence on the future of children.

This article highlights the significance of English and could be featured in a school newspaper. It consists of 245 words and includes the following sources:
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