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Written Task 1 Ib Economics

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  • Pages 6
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    Written task 1 A speech from an English Businessman, Michael Grospberry, who is a well known sociologist answering some questions that people from Latin schools asked about the introduction of English taught as a second language in every school at Latin America. What is the importance of knowing English?

    English is the second language most frequently spoken around the world after mandarin, this is considered a lingua franca because people that don’t have it as a native language speak this language around the world, travelers apply English as a language while they are out of their country in places where the native speakers do not speak this language, but there are always people who understand and could talk English.

    It’s a very useful language for several purposes; it is applied in business, science, banks, technology, medicine and tourism. Also we could emphasize on the music around the world that most of it is in English and the most famous musicians as the Beatles or Michael Jackson. As well the most famous writers wrote in this language, such as George Orwell. Is one of the most important languages you could study, only by saying that English is spoken nearly by 2 billion people you could notice the importance it has.

    As we have said there are several areas that English is needed, in tourism, the principal destinations are English speaking countries such United States or Britain. English books are prove to be more complete and easy to understand, the example is that for the international baccalaureate, students take the exams in Spanish, and use English books as chemistry and biology.

    Internet is another reason, almost all the web pages are in English and there is useful information that you would not understand if you don’t know English. Business is another example of the importance of English, for example, a meat processing plant of Uruguay creating business with Japanese that want to buy this product they need to understand each other for the business processes to be done correctly, and don’t go into a loss at the moment of money in the transaction.

    They use English for understanding each other without problems. Other importance of knowing English in the employment, nowadays standards for jobs are very high and it’s not enough with having only high school completed, they ask most of the times for other studies and they ask for English speakers because they make the difference at the company, if they need to talk to foreign people or read some paperwork in English Why to enforce English when children are young?

    The younger your child starts to learn English the better and the easier is for him, the language if inculcated from the first part of your life it gives a good start that we need to continue learning, children acquire vocabulary easier in less time than adults, that’s because in that stage of your life your senses are more open to acquire new knowledge and adults to obtain this understanding they have to work really hard because they have used a mother tongue since they born and the accent is too difficult to interpret.

    Why not creating only written works and use language to talk? If you consider building written works all the year you could probably acquire “A” grades but that means nothing and makes no sense unless you want to be an English writer, the term that matters here is pronunciation, if you have a good pronunciation and you talk fluently is the best of your successes because almost all employers want a good pronouncing employee, they don’t care about the employee’s writing.

    Although writing also takes a place in terms of working, it’s not the best way of showing your English qualities. This depends also on the position you occupy at the company, a public relation manager has to be able of speaking confident with a good accent and he doesn’t need to know how to write perfectly, however a lawyer that his job consist of writing has to know how to use the language at the written sector but he could have a not so sophisticated accent.

    What benefits does teaching English in primary schools gives to the country ? There are several benefits of making this investment on education, children as they have another language they become more mature and they look things with other viewpoint, they are not the ones that stay with the education they have and that’s all, they tend to progress in world, open their minds.

    The country would benefit because of the international economy movements made by this children, that in the world of tomorrow the country would need to have a stable economy, if you consider that in the world there are 70 countries that teach English to their young generations making a hypothesis on how the future would be you could say that the best for the country is to teach this language to their children. Another fact we could consider is technology. Technology is the principal industry of the world, you can see echnology in cars, computers, cell phones, houses, etc. and most of this technology systems are created based on English, the settings, the user’s manual, etc. here we have the example, iPhone 4s has “Siri” that is a program with you interact and ask things to your cellphone and he answers to you, is a precise innovating system that shaped a revolution in cellphone technology but the thing is that siri only understands English, at the United States and United Kingdom accent, but does not understand Spanish.

    That is only a small example of how English starts to be a tool for people, in work, technology, internet and a list of things that English is dominating. To conclude, the main point is that English in the world is a very important language, we have seen this from many perspectives and all of them present points in favour of having English at all schools in the country because children when they grownup they would be in front of a world over them and they should be able of handle it but for that they need tools, in that tools we could mention English.

    Number of words: 1034 Rationale: I have linked the topic with the first topic we did on our language classes that is the language in a cultural context, in this topic we separate in groups and made presentations about English language in different countries. The connection with the task I did is that I’m talking about the importance of English as a second language for primary students of a country. This task came to my mind because of F. I.

    C (integral Christian formation) I go to a very poor school in Carrasco where children have a lot of difficulties to learn because they don’t eat well, don’t sleep well and sometimes in their homes their parents don’t give much attention to them. So I saw that looking forward they don’t appear to progress much except from some that really followed the class and I think that English is very important for their future, communications are very important because people have to understand each other.

    This task is for an audience that could be to junior high school students and also to parents, seeing from the social point of view the purpose of this text is for opening the Uruguayan minds, many people in Uruguay believe in nationalism and they are so closed to what they think that they don’t see what is the situation worldwide, this article makes influence on seeing the future for their children.

    This interview could be published at a schools newspaper to show the importance of English. Number of words: 245 Bibliography: http://thestar. com. my/english/story. asp? file=/2007/10/18/lifefocus/18963932;amp;sec=lifefocus http://www. ehow. com/facts_5159059_its-important-learn-english. html http://www. cambridgeesol. org/exams/yle/index. html

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