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Unlike our interiors, we offer advanced technology programs, after-school tutoring and activities such as arts and crafts, dance, theatre and gymnastics, all in one location. BBC Learning Academy is a privately held corporation run by its owner, Mrs.. Evelyn Santa. Mrs.. Santa has over 20 years of Directorship within an academic environment. With inflation continuing to rise each year, the typical American family now requires dual or supplemental incomes. This trend has created a need for quality child care services.

The population growth in the Philadelphia area of Roxbury County is now over 1 5%, leading us to anticipate expanding market potential for this industry in our local area. Price, service, certification and reputation are critical success factors in the child care services industry. BBC Learning Academy will compete well in our market by offering competitive prices, high-quality child care services, and leading edge education program with certified, college educated instructors, and by maintaining an excellent reputation with parents and the community we serve.

This day care business plan will focus on two sub divisions: Mahayana and Upper Roxbury, which are new upscale community developments with a 2 square mile radius, boasting over 600 new homes. Our target customers are dual income, middle class families who value the quality of education and child care we provide for their children, ages 3 months to 12 years. COMPANY SUMMARY BBC Learning Academy will be located in Roxbury County, PA.

The academy will employ 5 fundamentals that will serve as the driving force for the services offered: Premier Care Giving Services, Activity Based Children Structured Curriculum, Trademarked General and Continuing Education Mentoring and Tutoring and Learning Services. BBC Learning Academy campus is a newly instructed 4200 square foot facility in the Roxbury Plaza and will be developed meeting strict City of Philadelphia design standards. The academy founder Mrs.. Evelyn Santa will oversee all fiscal responsibility, employing an independent CPA for financial oversight.

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