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Where do you see yourself 10 years now?

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    Life is unexpected. However people always looking forward and planning for their future, so do I. Some time I ask myself where I see myself in ten years, as a thirty-one-year-old woman. Actually I have no idea! So, instead of thinking of where I would li ke to be, I thought of what I would like my life to be during the next ten years. In 10 years I image myself graduated from International University and got a job in Human Resource Department of ANZ Bank – Ho Chi Minh City as my parents expected.

    Life would be stable and easy in its way, going to work at 8 am, having lunch with colleagues at noon and coming back for family dinner right after work. Sometimes going on dates with son of my dad’s friends because I know he won’t give up on finding me a good guy by himself. However, I don’t think It’s gonna work. Two years is enough time for me to please and convince my parents on let ting me live my life instead of the one they give me. Coming back Australia would be my decision.

    At the age of 25, I would start studying my MBA degree in University of Queensland, but I don’t think I would live in Melbourne after graduating because I don’t like its weather, seem like changing thousand times per day. 5 years along with far distance and different culture, I am sure me and my boyfriend might get many problems, challenges leading to misunderstandings and depressions. However, I believe things would be solved and consolidated as long as I come back to Australia. We get married or at least engage after I finish my MBA program.

    I probably have to experience some part -time jobs due to the high competitiveness before really getting a good job here. Those first years in Australia after my graduation would be tough with my PR (Permanent Resident) applying, new life starting, job finding and psychological balancing as well. We would have baby as everything is settled down. However, I don’t wanna be too old to give birth; 29 years old may be the good time. After this, I would love to start my own business, a bakery named “Little Prince Bakery”. As an architect, my husband would help me in designing and building the shop.

    Moreover, with his experiences in restaurant management, he would give me a helping hand in operating the shop sometimes. That I have more time to take care of my family as well as following my hobby, which is making those pretty and stunning cookies. I love my life in Australia with my little family and beloved friends. I don’t think we could make a lot of money but I would be definitely happy with it. A nice house with small garden and big kitchen, BBQ party with our friends every Friday afternoon, several days in Gold Coast on summer holiday and visit my parents in Vietnam at the end of every two year, those are all I wish.

    However, I could not forget so many difficulties we would experience in 10 years now and maybe till later on from home loan, car loan, and other kind of bills or problems in business operation to cultural adaption and marital disharmony, but they should be just a shake in my life. Imagining where I would like to be in my future is kind of hard. All I can do is dream about what it would be like from now. Even though the future is different, I just need to live my best. Because as a saying in a movie I like: “Everyone dies, but not everyone truly live”

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