Explain How Practitiners Promote Children’s Learning Within the Early Years Framework

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The Early Years Framework (E.Y.F) emphasizes a personal and individual approach to learning, considering that all children develop and learn in different ways and have different needs and interests. Practitioners must observe and make assessments of each child’s interests and developmental stage to plan appropriately for their needs. The E.Y.F incorporates different areas of learning, such as personal and social development, expressive arts, physical development, literacy, communication, mathematics, and understanding of the world. Practitioners should provide a structured environment that enables children to use their imagination, explore, and learn from their community’s diverse role models. Additionally, practitioners must follow the Welfare Requirements to provide safe and quality care for children. The E.Y.F highlights that all children are unique, and practitioners must provide a positive and individualized approach to promote their learning and development.

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Explain how practitioners promote children’s learning within the Early years framework. The E. Y. F emphasises a personal & individual approach to learning, this is because all children develop at their own rate and learn in different ways, come from different backgrounds whether social or religious & therefore have different needs and interests. Emotionally children come in different packages, some children may seem independent and confident and you may be misled into thinking that they don’t need as much attention as the children who express their emotions regularly and via for your attention on a regular basis.

This assumption would be incorrect all children should be giving your individual attention, how else can we plan appropriately for their needs and interests. In England the E. Y. F was introduced to encompass child-minders, Pre-schools, after school clubs and nurseries to deliver a programme that incorporates personal, social and emotional development, Expressive arts & design, physical development, literacy, communication and language, mathematics and finally understanding of the world.

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All these areas of learning are incorporated into the unique child, positive relationships, enabling environments and learning and development. In England we have also include the Welfare Requirements these are universal and all setting must meet Ofsted guidelines in educating and caring for children. Scotland and Wales follow similar guidelines but with their own structure to include cultural and educational theories believed to represent their own countries interests and needs. The E. Y.

F wants us as practitioner to see each child as unique. To do this we need to observe each child and make observations so that you can see a pattern of the child’s interests and how they are developing to see if they are within their age and stage of development and if necessary how to plan appropriately to be able to see where they are within the developmental norms. To do all this setting needs to have an age appropriate routine setting out meal times, nappy changes, sleep times and outdoor play and activities indoor /outdoor.

This enables children to learn about daily events and to have structure to their day, giving them stability which children need to thrive. The activities can be broken up into child led which have come about through observing a child and supplying the resources needed to extend their play which would be reflected in your next steps planning for that individual child. Adult led activities can be added o spark children’s interests and come about by adding resources to the setting for children to explore as well as through assessments to determine children’s stage of development in regards to their age. By supplying an environment that enables children to use their imagination and educating them in the world around us be it adult led activities, visits for people in the community for instance our policemen and women as well as parents coming into the setting to share their work roles, hobbies or talents and modelling and coaching children on their diverse community we are following the E.

Y. framework and encouraging our children to learn through examples of role models in the community as well as good quality child carers implementing a key carer system for each individual child and management of the setting who provide a safe, structured and inviting environment for the children and encourage the staff to further their education and strive to be the best in there work role.

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