A Day in My Life: Third Person

He usually wakes up at 6:25 o’clock when his alarm is screaming for help to set it off. He is always very sleepy at that time and still laying in his bed for ten minutes. After he gets out of bed he goes into the bathroom and puts in his contacts. Before breakfast he puts his books into the backpack and then go downstairs to the kitchen to have a breakfast. It always consists of two pop tarts and a big glass of orange juice. While he is having breakfast he is ether reading the sports section in the newspaper or on the computer. When he is done with breakfast he gets his lunch ready for school.

He gets on the bus at about 7:14. He is usually the second person picked up. It usually takes about 45 minutes for him to arrive at school. On the bus ride to school he usually studies or plays on his iPod and listens to music. There are only 4 or five high school kids that ride besides him all the rest are all in grade school. He usually arrives around 7:55. When he gets to his locker he opens it and figures out if it is a A or B day. If it is an A day he goes to Geometry with Mrs. Moore. Then he goes to Spanish with Mr. Weaver. After Spanish is over he goes to Web Design with Mr. Blaine.

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Then it is lunchtime after Web Design. His last class is Biology with Mrs. Krostal. If it is a B day he goes to US II with Mr. Carlson first hour. Second hour he has Consumer Ed with Mrs. Herron. Third hour he has English with Mrs. Garls. Then he has lunch. Last hour he has PE with Ms. Fisher. After school he takes a bus to Elmwood for football practice. Practice starts at 3:30 so he has about 15 minutes to get ready for practice. At practice it starts off with defensive agilities and then they have a water break. When the water break is over they do kickoff and then go into team defense.

After about 20 minutes of team defense they have a water break. They go to individual offense next and then to play-side back side. When that is over they have a water break and then they go into kick return. Lastly they have team offense then conditioning. After practice he takes the bus back to Kickapoo where his mom picks him up to take him home. When he gets home he usually has dinner then does his homework or studies if he has a quiz. When he is done with his homework depending on the time he will ether watch TV or go take a shower and go to bed. He goes to bed at 9 O’clock and plays on his IPOD for a while and then goes to sleep.

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