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A Day to Remember – Personal Story

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  • Pages 3
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    A day I will always remember is the first day of middle school, which was the first day of 6th grade. I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect, but I was also very excited at the same time. Everything was so new to me, the campus, the schedule, and the people. But the first day of middle school will always be a day I will remember. It was the first day of the 6th Grade and I was very anxious. I had been waiting for that day all summer. It all started when I got of the school bus. The campus was very large, about three times larger than my elementary school.

    I did not know where to go at first, but then they had announced “all sixth graders report to the MPR”, I had known where that was because our orientation for 6th grade had been held there. In the MPR we had met our advisory teacher. Mine teacher was Ms. Willinger. In advisory she had given us our planners, and schedules, and all the other things we needed. I had never really had a planner to write my homework on or have to go to 7 different classes a day or have classes with different people. It was all very new.

    Next, was my first period, which was my math class. I didn’t know anyone in that class except for my teacher, Mrs. Decker. First, she had made us fill out a worksheet about ourselves so she could get to know us better. Then, she let us take it home, so we could attach a picture of ourselves to the worksheet. Finally, our last activity was to play the name game. The directions were to form a circle and we go down the circle and say an adjective and our name, but the adjective had to start with the same letter that your name started with.

    The class played the game, unfortunately we didn’t finish the first day so we had to finish the second day. Then, it was time for second period, which was science with Mr. Huffman. Mr. Huffman had just talked about the rules and what we were going learn for the first semester. He had talked about platetchtonics, earthquakes, and volcanoes. I was very excited to learn all of the things he was talking to us about. They sounded very interesting.

    Next it was nutrition which was just like recess without all the equipment to play with. So I had just walked around the school with some new friends. Next, it was third and fourth period. I had English third period with Mrs. Troe and fourth period history with Mr. Flukiger. In English we had done a journal and wrote down the quote of the week. In history Mr. Flukiger had given us index cards and gave us directions to write our hobbies and interest, so he could get to know us better. Then it was lunch.

    Finally, it was the last two periods of the day, Art with Mrs. Erwin and Gym with Mrs. Jordan. In art class we had to make a comic strip of our first day of school. It was actually pretty fun. Then, in P. E. Mrs. Jordan just explained about buying our P. E. clothes and learning how to open our P. E. locks. Next, we got free play outside. It was very hot outside. Finally, the bell had rung, and the first day of school was over. In conclusion the firs day of middle school will be a day I will always remember.

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