A Desire to Pursue My Interest and Career in Dancing

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Since the age of six, I have been diagnosed with Chronic Migraines and have suffered from them for over thirteen years. These migraines occur more than fifteen times a month, making it a constant battle to avoid them and taking up most of my life. Despite this ongoing struggle, dancing and listening to music provide me with solace and help me forget about the challenges I face.

Dance has become my preferred method of escaping from these struggles as it allows me to release stress and break free from limitations. It serves as an activity unrelated to migraines in which I can fully engage. Without dance, I would likely feel overwhelmed.

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On Saturdays, I dedicate seven hours to my favorite activity: dancing. This weekly practice helps me cope with the challenges of the week and brings me immense joy. Above all else, I eagerly look forward to attending dance class. My ultimate aspiration is to turn dance into my career, allowing me to experience daily fulfillment through my work.

Despite encountering doubts and being underestimated, I have consistently found myself in positions that do not reflect my true abilities. During high school, when auditions were held for the poms/dance team, I was placed on junior varsity instead of varsity. However, I possessed the same level of skill as the varsity girls and even managed to pick up their routines quicker than some of them. Despite these obstacles, I remained determined to pursue my passion for dancing and art.

Similar to my father, who is a carpenter and derives daily satisfaction from his hands-on work in creating and constructing, I have also adopted this mentality. Despite not earning a significant income, he remains satisfied with his occupation. This perspective has also impacted me. Although money does hold some significance for me, it is not my primary focus. I recognize the importance of having a stable career that enables self-sufficiency, but ultimately, my well-being takes precedence. Devoid of happiness, life would become monotonous and unexciting.

Dancing and being creative are ineffable experiences that can only be truly comprehended through personal engagement. My aspiration is to impart this talent to others through teaching or performing, and provide my audience with an extraordinary glimpse into the realm of dance and art.

I hope that Columbia College will help me achieve my goals and communicate that dance is more than just a hobby, but a way of life. Being a student at this institution would give me the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and express my love for art. If I am accepted, my main priority will be to explore the campus and find dance teams or auditions for performances.

Having missed my passion for performing on stage since high school, I am excited to finally return after three years. Columbia College is the ideal institution for me to pursue my goals and thrive as a successful artist.

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