A Statement of My Interest in Pursuing a Career in Physiology

“Who are you?” my grandmother asked me. I was confused by the question. How could a lady that had practically raised me not know who I am? My grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease just three months prior; three months after her diagnosis, my grandmother had forgotten how to walk, eat, and in the end breathe; however, that one question stuck with me: who am I?

My purpose in undertaking graduate study in the Physiology program at North Carolina State University is to broaden my knowledge and skills of physiology to become a more competitive candidate for entrance into a professional school. I have a long-held interest in health care sciences that began as a child and deepened during my undergraduate biology courses.

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My commitment towards a career in the sciences as both a researcher and a health care provider was established during volunteering at an oncology clinic in Greenwood, MS. I was able to observe doctors reporting on patients’ progress, and I was engrossed in the changes in the patients during the allotted time. I also was able to observe research technicians in the laboratory. It was then that I realized that a career spent working with science and people would be both worthwhile and personally rewarding.

My exposure to physiology began after I entered Middle Tennessee State University. The excellent courses and faculty have given me a firm background of the fundamentals in biological sciences. Having been exposed to a wide range of subjects, I have found biochemistry and physiology to be the most intellectually satisfying and stimulating. I find the overlapping and collaboration of courses such as Diagnostic Microbiology, Biochemistry, and Biotechnology appealing because of how they give a greater understanding of the functions of the human body.

The ability to communicate with people is an important factor in becoming a good graduate student. I have worked as an on campus resident and desk assistant for several semesters. I facilitated monthly meetings, weekly lunches, and daily interactions with 60 residents. My job helped to additionally improve my communication skills.

During my first semester of my junior year, I became overzealous in taking a full class schedule of upper division science courses while working a job and my grades suffered as a result. Since that occurrence, I have learned to better manage my time and have since improved every semester following.

Constantly, exciting developments are taking place in the fields of physiology. I am specifically interested in the mechanisms of endocrinology and the effects in humans. I would enjoy working with Dr. Heather Patisaul or Dr. Robert Anholt because of their ongoing research interests in human behaviors based on both genetic architecture and endocrinology. With that said, I would be happy to work with any faculty in the science field to gain valuable experience.

In addition to research, I am interested in academia at North Carolina University. I am aware that North Carolina University is a vibrant and exciting university that is well known for its research. Courses at North Carolina State University such as Biological Clocks, Biochemical Toxicology, and Mammalian Endocrinology greatly inspire me to pursue entrance into your institution.

So, the question comes up again, who am I? I am a college student simply pursuing a passion. I am convinced that I should pursue a career in research and healthcare. For me, problem solving in science is an exhilarating experience, incomparable with anything else. It would be immensely rewarding for me to be able to contribute something to the understanding of a subject that has given me so much pleasure. A few experiences with volunteer work have evoked favorable responses and have been thoroughly enjoyable. I am confident that I have the aptitude, drive, and experience to make a meaningful contribution to my chosen field. For this reason, I strongly believe that my choice to complete my postgraduate program at your institution is the best decision I will make and so your consideration of my application is greatly appreciated.

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