A Feminist Theory of “The Crucible”

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In The Crucible. gender plays an of import function in how the narrative comes together. Abigail. the chief adversary in the drama. is a immature. single adult female who is besides an orphan. She resents being a retainer. the lone chance offered to a immature. single miss. It shows the limited chances for adult females of that age.

The whole craze and craze brought approximately by the enchantress tests begins when Abigail and the other misss involved in the dance in the wood accuse others in the small town of being enchantresss. Abigail and the other misss gain a immense sum of power and authorization during the enchantress tests than they would hold done in normal village life. as immature single misss normally did non hold a say in anything. e. g. they would hold had to obey their employer and maestro of the house and were non considered to be adult females until they were married and had a household of their ain and so would non hold been taken earnestly.

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A married adult female held more power and regard in society than single adult females and they besides had a voice. This seems to propose adult females can non achieve or keep power without work forces. The book besides suggests that adult females should non be in a place of excessively much power as they are likely to misapply it and they are prone to allow their feelings get in the manner of of import affairs. taking to catastrophe and pandemonium. as it is portrayed in the narrative. Abigail additions the place of the leader of the other misss and is proclaimed a saint. so everything she says is instantly assumed to be the truth. but at the same clip she abuses her power. utilizing her ability to pull strings and command.

Abigail ( with a acrimonious laugh ) : Oh I marvel how such a strong adult male may allow such a sallow married woman be- Proctor ( enraged –at himself as good ) : You’ll speak nothin’ of Elizabeth! Abigail: She is melanizing my name in the small town! She is stating prevarications about me! She is a cold. whining adult female and you bend to her! Let her turn you like a- Abigail assumes the function of a covetous lover and her intense love for John Proctor. every bit good as her intense hatred for Elizabeth get out of manus and go a destructive force.

She allows her hatred. choler. green-eyed monster and lecherousness to get the better of ground and this ultimately causes a batch of desperation in Salem. Her emotions play a cardinal function in finding how she acts. Just like Eve. when she becomes tempted by the Devil into eating the apple. which is a symbol of cognition and power. she is tempted into power by impeaching others of offenses they did non commit. taking them to their deceases. Womans are easy tempted by the Devil. while work forces are rational animals of God. therefore work forces were more likely to derive the upper manus when it came to regulations and Torahs and how things were to be done. In the small town. work forces dominate and hold power.

Adam was non fooled by the Devil but Eve was easy led astray and that rapidly led to her undoing and penalty. There is a connexion between Eve and Abby’s ain destiny as because of Eve. adult females were non trusted with places of power and giving power over to a adult female was non considered to be wise. as God did non mean for them to be leaders. caretakers or defenders but instead as people to be guarded and watched over carefully. both out of protection and intuition.

Abigail as a adult female in power is a force of decease and devastation. She manipulates and threatens the misss in order to command them and begins impeaching other adult females of witchery. perchance to take retaliation on the work forces in the community by taking away their loved 1s and with the same purpose of destructing Elizabeth Proctor. she besides wants to destruct the other adult females. The Crucible portrays Abby as the Siren in the narrative.

She is a beautiful. immature adult female who charms the ‘innocent’ John Proctor off from his married woman and off from God. It seems as though it was by no mistake of his ain though as the reader can non assist but experience sympathy towards him and possibly this has something to make with the manner his gender is portrayed. We hear about his matter but can easy sympathise with him as he shows himself to be a adult male of strong rules and ethical motives and we know that he feels guilty about what he did as he tries his best to do up for it.

It shows how easy work forces fall into the traps of adult females. which is a mark of artlessness every bit good as failing. John Proctor regains command over himself in the terminal which is a mark of strength every bit good as salvation. Abby seems to hold no redeemable qualities or ethical motives and does non look to repent the things she has done. It suggests that there will be no salvation for her. Giles: Mr Hale. I have ever wanted to inquire a erudite adult male – what signifies the readin’ of unusual books? Hale: What books?

Giles: I can non state ; she hides them.Nathan hales: Who does this?Giles: Martha. my married woman. I have waked at dark many a clip and found her in a corner. readin’ of a book. Now what do you do of that? Hale: Why. that’s non necessarily-Giles: It discomforts me! Last dark – grade this – I tried and tested and could non state my supplications. And so she close her books and walks out of the house. and all of a sudden – grade this – I could pray once more! Martha Corey is accused of witchery because her hubby said she was reading ‘strange books’ . He saw it as unneeded for a adult female to read books. This attitude towards adult females suggests that the existent wickedness was holding the ability to read books and be educated. It was every bit unusual and unusual to taking portion in witchery. as that is what she is accused of subsequently in the drama.

This besides refers to the penchant that adult females ought to hold a inactive function in society and non go excessively high for her hubby. This shows how adult females and cognition are seen as non traveling good together and non looked extremely upon and that marks of wonder in a adult female is unsafe. It shows that Puritan society had a fright of those who were unusual and non conventional. those who did non run into the criterions of ‘ordinary’ society. The enchantress Hunts. while a dark clip for some. was an chance for those such as adult females to derive a voice which they otherwise would non hold been able to make before.

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