A Financial Report on Al Tayer Motors

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Al Tayer Motors is a well-known company established and recognized in 1982. The company comprises of 5million endorsers at the terminal of March 2012. It is recorded that the company launched mobile phone telecommunication service across the UAE at the stoping of February 2007 and it had added about 1.90 million nomadic consumers in between 1 twelvemonth. In the old twelvemonth the gross of $ 1.10 billion was 158 % up and about. Identical with high quality, elevated criterions of service and international foremost trade names, the 2,200-sturdy Al Tayer Motors squad glimpse following dealing and service for Lincoln, Spyker, Ford, Ferrari, Maserati, Land Rover and Jaguar.

Though the company has achieved abundant gross revenues and service wagess that are grounds to the devotedness and public presentation of its squad of expertize. Al Tayer Motors has been well-known for the profession fairs all the manner through the UAE to restrict the concentration of vernal Emiratis. The company has been mixed up in legion corporate administration programmes in the Middle East, UAE and the USA ; backing most first-class usage through sponsorships, workshops and many other undertakings ( altayer, 2015 ) .

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In 2012 the company attained the Top International Dealer for the company. The company provides major American and European car manufacturer such as Lincoln, Ford, Land Rover, Maserati, Ferrari, Spyker and Jaguar inside Dubai. , Al Tayer Motors besides offers bearer services andoperates most of import, quality-focused commerce’s in car trade and service, luxury and life style sell, aromas and make-up distribution, fabrication every bit good as insides constricting.Additionally, the company provides its ware and services at 3500 authorise than bargainers in the UAEand throughout its stores. The Ford Otosan is one of the biggest rivals of AL Tayer Motord ( roushperformance, 2015 ) .

In 2013, Al Tayer Motors attained more than AED 14.16 billion of gross at an rise of 13.16 % on 2012. The company obtained 1,241,551 net recent Mobile consumers and they approximate taken as a whole market portion as 46.8 % and deserving portion as 31.6 % in their Secure Financial Statements for 2013.

Fiscal Results’ Al Tayer Motors one-year study 2013 in AED 1000000s is:

2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
8,339 10,074 11,855 ( Gross ) ; 11,539 ( Internet ) 13,157 ( Gross ) ; 10,842 ( Internet ) 14,160 ( Gross ) ; 11,810 ( Internet )

The fiscal experts quoted that Al Tayer Motors fulfils their aims to supply a invariably superb services to their consumers and offera secure and healthy environment for their employees and add to the enlargement of the UAE’s fiscal system. Fiscal experts mentioned that the company will derive immense net incomes in the approaching twelvemonth. In the following 12 months with an addition in gross of 15 % . As per the beginning of diaries and many other concern beginnings, it is claimed that the company will lift its concern in the approaching old ages, as their merchandises are really well-known and their services are first-class to the clients, wheras they provides an superb environments for their staff members for work ( GulfBase, 2012 ) .

The company is built on rudimentss that are comfortable in history and convention. It is a predicting civilization, which think about its hereafter at the similar clip it is likewise clear to its heritage and imposts. The company observed immense addition of gross in the consequent old ages, which expands the concern every bit good as productions.

Yes the Al Tayer Motors is extremely ethical company. As the company is extremely ethical, with most of import participants being mainly authorities possessed. There is infinitesimal existent competition, with the option of provider by and large strong-minded by geographic topographic point. Al Tayer Motors characteristically has a domination on freezones.

Though, the company received a broad scope of promotion from media and societal media as, it is a wide-ranging and extremely modern-day feeling of present developments all through the part. Each and every media of UAE, recognized Al Tayer Motors as a taking Motor Company. Al Tayer Motors is in good place to steer consciousness construction, between pertinent stakeholders on the significance of dunking green house gas release.

They proclaimed themselves to be the superior service supplier through UAE, and stakeholder’s sentiments have estimated important designed for the company to turn to are represented in the formation of a materiality ambiance, which direct their policy and precedencies of their resulting public presentation ( zawya, 2014 ) .

The company place is well-known for its success over the old ages on environmental issues. Its employees are satisfied with the company’ behavior. The company is in good place to steer consciousness construction, between pertinent stakeholders on the significance of dunking green house gas release. The company received a broad scope of promotion due to its actions over the release of green house gas. No the company is non been criticized by the populace for its environmental attempts ( Jones, 2012 ) .

  • No, there are no important events that might impact the overall value of the company. As there are monetary value competition exist in the market.
  • No, the company I registered company, and don’t have a problem with the authorities, as the company is to the full certified by the authorities and keep all types of judicial proceeding with the authorities.
  • No, Al Tayer Motors doesnot obstruct any regulations of the authorities and follows all regulations and ordinance. Therefore, no mulcts for bad concern has been recorded.

Though, Al Tayer Motors is well-known company located in UAE. Its criterions of concern is really good, as it doesnot rip off any employees or clients. It maintain its company’s regulation and ordinance and supply superior quality merchandises to the clients and achieve client satisfaction. Furthermore, the employees are happy to work in a healthy environment ( altayer, 2015 ) .


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